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    Default 44 years old' Log

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    Hi everyone.

    I decided to write down my own log because I found a lot of high quality info reading those posted here,so, maybe mine could be helpful too, especially for the older guys.

    Little story short:
    44 years old 5'5 actual weight 167 - moved from 158 to 171 doing SS last september (september - december).

    My best lifts (1RM):
    Squat 396
    Deadlift 462
    Press 158
    Bench 286
    Chins (bodyweight) 17

    Unfortunately I'm not doing Bench from last year because of an injury to my right shoulder (just trying to re-introduce it in my training).

    I have just returned from vacation (1 month) so my intention is to back off the weights and doing a short linear cycle during this month.

    I follow a Mon. - Wed. - Fr. Template, Texas style:

    SQUAT 3X5
    PRESS 3X5

    DB ROW 3X15

    DEADLIFT 1X5 (adding triples where I want just to get the feeling with the heavy loads)

    This second week I skipped my Wednesday training so I had to train on thursday.

    That's how it went:

    264 3x5 '2-3 rest

    My knees are a little stiff, but it's ok.

    Press 110 3x5 '2 rest, easy but I really need to be focused on them

    Chins +33lb 10 - 8 - 6 '2 rest

    Triceps Pressdown 3x15 '45
    Curl 3 sets '45

    I won't be accurate on these , I do them at the end and after all the core exercises if I have time and will. I usually do 3-5 sets just to pump the arms a little that's all

    This is it.
    Looking forward to Friday.

    See you there.

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    Interesting. You're very strong, especially considering your size and weight.

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    2.4xBW Squat? Impressive.

    You're clearly doing something right. Where were your numbers when you started SS, and when you ended?
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    Another log from a fellow "mature" lifter! I'll be following along. Did you train prior to SS? If so, how long?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbriem View Post
    Interesting. You're very strong, especially considering your size and weight.
    No I'm not that strong...but yes, powerlifters apart I've always been one of the strongest where I trained...especially with my legs. But to me it was bacuse of the lack of will of other people. I used to do high reps squat, like 1x15 or 1x20 with 308...I was 28-30 more or less...
    I'm short and I can't achieve big size/weight but I've improved a lot from my beginning and I feel I I can do some more...
    I discovered SS and Mr.Ripp too late!

    Thanks for reading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fnet View Post
    Another log from a fellow "mature" lifter! I'll be following along. Did you train prior to SS? If so, how long?
    Yes I've been training for 15 years more or less. I used to do b.b. stuff, you know, then as the summertime arrived I use to stop training so,after 3-4 months of complete stop I had lost everything. The real training started in 2000 when I discovered people like McRobert and Kubik...I started using 5's my loads went up for 2-3 years. Then I had a period of 2 years when I didn't train at all because of personal family problems so, again, in 2003 more or less I had to start from zero!!
    I was really down and I started training with 5's again.
    Then, after some time, I began using triples, doubles, singles and my weights went up again...I did 2-3 cycles using schemes stolen from powerlifting (6x4 - 8x3-10x2 -1) and I did new Pr's! This is from 2007 'till 2009. In September 2009 I discovered SS and all "Ripp's world" (and this beautiful site). So I read SS 1-2 and PP2...I gained some size and my lifts were improving, even if not all of them and not in the same manner...
    Now, after my stop (summer vacation) my goal is: reaching the loads as when I stopped training and moving to Texas (October?)

    I wish you make the journey with me!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowjoe View Post
    2.4xBW Squat? Impressive.

    You're clearly doing something right. Where were your numbers when you started SS, and when you ended?
    I couldn't squat well because I had a groin strain (I posted here at that time looking for advices) but I was at 297 5x5 and after SS I was at 319 5x5. My 1Rm went from 363 to 396 and I was 15lb. heavier after that. So I was really happy... I know my best days are gone but I still push hard.
    I hope I won't die "under the baar"!!
    Thanks again!

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    today I was a little tired because my daughter woke me up at 4 a.m., she had wet her bed...I love her.
    I did bw Chin and DL with '1 rest between them and '2 at the end.

    first set (10 reps) of Chin to get me started, then:
    154x5 + 1 set of bw chin (10 reps)
    242x5 " " " "
    308x3 " " " "
    I didn't do it for over 1 month so I started really easy. Really, I don't want to get hurt.
    Last set of 10 reps Chin before moving to Press and that's 50 total reps.

    Press (strict)
    66x5 '2
    88x5 '2
    110x2x5 '2
    Push Press

    Side Bend with a 55 plate 2x15

    Triceps Pressdown 3-4 x15 '45 rest
    Db Shrugs 3 sets (do them on incline bench)

    That's all. It was a quick training, about 45 min., I felt good.
    My goal is to add weight through September to reach my best lifts at the end of this month, more or less without hurt myself.
    See you on Monday!

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    Here I am again.

    Today I raised the volume, from 3x5 to 5x5, just to taste the feeling for the Texas to come…
    I don’t talk too much, so:

    Squat warming up 3 sets then I put 264 and did 5x5 with ‘2 rest (I usually rest more with heavier weights);
    I felt really good on this. When I start a new program or when I come after a long lay off I always pay attention to my body signals. A certain weight may be good on paper but if my knees or back tell me it’s not I lower it until I feel comfortable. I think this is something that we “older guys” have to do. Just pay attention to what we feel and not thinking: “Hey this should be easy, I’ve always done it”.

    Then after a little it was Pressing time:

    Warming up 3sets then:
    110 5x5 ‘2 rest
    Same as the squat, felt good and stable. The last set I did 8 (not failure anyway) like Wendler’5/3/1.
    This is my favourite upper body exercise and my goal is to press my bodyweight.
    One day I’ll make it.

    After that I did Chins with + 44, 3x6 ‘2 rest.

    I finished with some beach work, again for the pump of it: Triceps Pressdown 3x15 ‘1 rest and db curls 3x12 ‘1 rest.

    That was a good an easy workout, again less than 1 hour.
    I got out feeling better then when I came in and I was…hungry (I train at 12.45 a.m.)!!

    Unfortunately my gym is moving and it will be closed next Friday so I’ll have to put my Deadlift on Wednesday. Anyway, I’ll have some more time to rest before Monday that will be a 286 squat 5x5.
    That’s all (Folks) see you!!

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    starting strength coach development program
    as I explained I had to do my Friday' workout today:

    10 reps of chins to start with, then I started with DL.

    working sets:330 3x5 '2 rest.

    I wanted to do 5x5 but then I realized I'm in the beginning and sets across here are a killer so I did only 3 sets but with minimum rest just to get in shape. Felt good.
    Between my sets I did 4x10 chins, again 50 reps.
    I really don't like them, I mean, a lot of people do them this way as Jim Wendler also says, but I prefer adding some weight and doing 5x5 or 6x6 or 3x5 only.
    After 50/60 reps I feel like if I've not worked at all. I have a great pump on my biceps but that's all. I don't know if I'll let the bw version for so many reps or I'll keep it weighted with 3x5...

    Then, the Press. Since I can't go to the gym until next monday (it's closed) I pushed a bit more:

    working sets: 110 5x5 '2 rest
    Push Press 132 3x3 '1 rest
    Then I rested about 2 min. and I did an all out set with 88, 1x15.

    I finished my training with 2 sets of barbell curl 2x15 '45 rest and then gone home to eat!!

    In these days I'm always hungry. It's always like this when I start doing things right in the weight room.
    To me it's a good signal, so I have to follow what my body is telling me.

    It's very hot here and my sleep isn't so good, so a little more rest may be useful.

    See you on Monday!

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