It's about time. Been doing 5x3 squats and versions of SS for over 2 years, had an incredible time at the SS coaching seminar, and am excited for something new and challenging. As much as I love food, it's always hard work to eat as much as I need to. Same goes for squats. TM-styles will help me push through and start smashing records. As long as I keep my knees out.

Starting weights:
BW 145#
Squat 145#x5x5
Press 60#x5x5
Bench 110#x5x5
Dead 185#X5
Chins/pullups are weak. Will get them back up before adding cleans.

Daily food goals:
2500 cal
160g protein
150-200g carbs
130g fat
20 oz coffee

Doing pretty well so far today!