Meet Prep - All Done reps/sets

Bench - 40kg 5*2, 50kg 4*2, 60kg 3*2, 70kg 2*2, 77.5kg *2, 82.5kg *2
Squat - 60kg 5*2, 80kg 3*2, 100kg 2*2, 110kg *2
Leg Extn - 50kg 10*3
GHR - bw 10*3

That's that.
I feel pretty good: knee is cooperating, weight is at 198lbs (which is par for the course), back is loosening up.

Fly tomorrow, and get in to Daytona in the late afternoon. I'll watch our youth lifters Monday morning, and a lightweight masters lifter in the afternoon.

I'm up Tuesday afternoon: 4:00pm start. I understand that there are only two platforms in use. I should know my platform, but I haven't looked at the roster in a few weeks. For those so inclined, the day's session will be on YouTube.