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    Tear my pattela tendon 2month ago cant squat or dead till June

    Monday 11 feb

    Bench 5X5 255lbs

    Press 2x5 110lbs

    Seated row 3x10

    Curls 2X10

    Wed 13

    Press 4x1 160LBS

    rows 3X10 175LBS

    chin up 3X15

    friday 15

    Bench 5X1 290lbs 1x8 230lbs

    Press 4X5 143lbs

    Pull up +25lbs 3X8

    Curls 2x12

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    Completly forgot i had a training lol.

    cant squat or dead for the next 3-4months, im focusing on Bench Press and Press

    Week1:monday Press 3x5 135lbs bench 5X5 245lbs.......................BenchPress 5X1 280lbs Press 2X5 135lbs 1X3 140lbs
    week2 : Press 3X5 140lbs bench 5X5 250lbs.........benchpress 5X1 285LBS PRESS 2X5140 1X3 145lbs
    week3 : Press 3X5 145lbs bench 5X5 255lbs.........benchpress 5X1 290LBS PRESS 2X5145 1X3 150lbs
    week4 : Press 3X5 150lbs bench 5X5 260lbs.........benchpress 5X1 295LBS PRESS 2X5 150 1X3 155lbs
    week5 : Press 3X5 140lbs bench 5X5 265lbs.........benchpress 5X1 300LBS PRESS 2X5140 1X3 145lbs
    week6 : Press 3X5 145lbs bench 3X5 270lbs.........benchpress 5X1 305LBS PRESS 2X5 145lbs 1X3 150lbs
    week7 : Press 3X5 150lbs bench 3X5 275lbs.........benchpress 5X1 310LBS PRESS 2X5 150 1X3 155lbs
    week8 : Press 3X5 155lbs bench 2X5 275lbs.........benchpress TEST 1X1 325LBS PRESS 2X5 155 1X3 160T

    I feel i could have hit 330x1
    This week gonna be deadload week, next cycle will look like that:

    I'll continu on 5X5 on Monday 10lbs heavier than the last one, but i'll do 2X5 FIRST Week, then 3X3 second week, then 4x2, Then 5X1, and Re-test my max again
    260lbsX5X5.... 2X5 280LBS
    265lbsx5x5 ... 3X3 290lbs
    270lbsX5X5....4X2 305
    275lbs 5X5 .... 5X1 315
    280lBS 3X5.... 1X1 330
    Deadload week

    And i continu the same 2step forward one step back for the Press i dont need a very spécial program to progess because its not that heavy. SO guys what do you think?
    After this im gonna try Back off sets, i think its a good idea to add two or three back off sets of 10 to add some mass.


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