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Thread: Fighting Muscular Atrophy, 1 rep at a time

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    What a weekend!

    I lifted in the Powerlifting for Pups meet at Atlanta Barbell on Saturday. Just to resolve the suspense, I placed first in my division, got my little trophy woohoo. Of course I was the only lifter in Masters 1A 120+, so...

    It was a great meet. I went 8 for 9. The judging was thorough and very fair, I thought.

    I opened with 190 (418), moved to 205 (451), and then hit 220 (484). I got all whites for all SQs. The head judge did get a little fussy about my hand contact with the bar. After my first SQ he laid out that all fingers must be in contact with the bar. So on my second attempt I took my grip and before I dipped under the bar asked him if that would work. He said it would. Nobody fussed about my thumbs, so that was great. 220 moved fairly easily. I should have gone with 225. I would have gotten it.

    Bench went well, opened with 130 (286), went to 140 (308), and then 147.5 (324.5). No issues with B.

    DL was OK. I opened with 197.5 (434.5), second attempt was 205 (451), and third attempt was 230 (506). I had several things go south during DLs. I got a red light on each attempt for soft lockouts at the knee. I requested the incorrect weight for my second attempt and didn't realize until my minute was up. I meant to request 215 (473). The third attempt went all the way to the top, grip was good, but I couldn't get my lockout. I need to strengthen my upper back. My shoulders and pecs were on fire after that third rep.

    The venue was great, everything started on time, and we were done lifting by 3:30p with a 50 person roster. Team Rohr did a great job running the meet.

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    9/6 BW: 292

    GGW Wk17 WO2

    315x5x2- 14, 3 minute splits

    185x3x3 - 18, 3, 3 minute splits

    Lat Pulldowns:
    120x6x3 - 1, 1, 1 minute splits

    Meh. Trying to keep the blood moving and joints loose.

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