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Thread: This week's episode of heman's training logs

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    Default This week's episode of heman's training logs

    • wichita falls texas march seminar date
    • woodmere new york april seminar date
    I was thinking about starting to post my logs here, maybe once a week.

    I usually post each workout on fitocracy. You can follow me there too:

    I've been doing a split TM programme for 2 months or so.
    It has worked rather well.
    I've also started to become more interested in olympic lifting and started to focus more on that.

    some clarification:
    5x3 means 5 sets 3 reps across
    4-2 means first set 4 reps, second set 2 reps.

    I'm in my third week after a vacation.
    and it took me almost two weeks to get the same numbers as before the vacation.

    Last week before vacation (4th-8th August):
    BP: 99 kg 1x3 (PR, spotter helped much with 4th)
    OHP, 50 kg 2x5, 52,5 kg 5reps, 50 kg 2x5 (a 5x5 with a heavier 3rd set)

    squats: 130 kg 1x5
    power clean: 70 kg 5x3 (PR)
    deadlifts: 125 kg: 3x5

    OHP. 61 kg 4 reps, 2 reps (PR)
    BP: 91 kg: 5x5 (5x5 PR)
    close grip bench 60 kg 3x6. incline bench 50 kg 7 reps

    Power Snatch: 50kg 2, 55 kg 4x2, 52.5 kg 2 reps
    Deadlift 142,5 kg, 1x5 (equal to previous 5RM PR)

    First week after vacaion 25th-30th:
    BP: 97,5 1X3
    OHP: 50kg 5 - 3 - 5 - 2, 45kg 5

    squat: 130 kg 3 - 2
    power clean: 70 kg 4x3 75 kg 1x3 (PR)
    deadlift: 125 kg 4, 120 kg 5

    OHP: 60 kg 4 - 1
    BP: 90kg 3x5, 87,5 kg 1x5, 85 kg 1x5

    Power snatch: 55kg 2x2, 57kg 4x2

    squats: 110 kg 5x5

    last week (sept 1st - 6th)

    BP 97.5 4 reps, spotter touched in 5th rep, I was very close,
    OHP: 50 kg 5x5
    assistance work: light OHP: 40 kg 8-6

    squat: 130 kg 1x5
    power clean: 75 kg 5x3 (a 5x3 PR)
    deadlift: 120 kg 1-5 (would have done more but had a meeting)

    OHP: 60 kg 1x5 (5RM PR)
    BP: 90 kg 5x5
    assitance work: close grip bench (50 kg 3x10), machine chest fly and tricep pushdowns.

    Power Snatch: 57.5kg 6x2
    Deadlift: 142.5 kg 1x5 (equal to 5RM PR)

    squat: 115 kg 5x5
    front squats: 60kg 8-7

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    This week.

    2 successful 5RM PR attempts, one failed.

    BP: 98 kg 1x5 - 5RM PR (had previously done 98 kg 4 reps and 99 kg 3 reps)
    OHP: 52 kg 5x5 (5x5 PR)
    Assistance work: Dips: 5-8-10-8

    Squat: 132.5 kg 1x5 (2.5 kg from my 5RM PR))
    cleans and snatches work on technique 80-90 of time spent on cleans.
    First workout in the weight lifting club. Got helped a lot with learning the technique.
    It's such a great place to train.

    OHP: 62 kg 1x5 (5RM PR)
    BP: 91 kg 3 reps (on a bench I haven't used before, it felt strange. switched to a different bench). 90 kg 5rep, 91 kg 5 rep, 90 kg 5 rep, 91 kg 4-4
    Assistance work:
    LTE: 20 kg + bar weight(?). 6-6-5 this is a new assistance exercie for me.
    incline bench press: 50 kg 3x12

    Power snatch: 59 kg 6x2 (PR)
    Hang power snatch: 30 kg didn't count reps and sets, but I need to focus more on them with rather ligth weight to improve my snatch technique.
    Deadlift 145 kg 3-1-2, failed 5RM PR attempt (PRs are 145 kg 4 reps and 147.5 kg 2 reps).
    could have been because of exhaustion from snatch training.

    tomorrow I'll to 5x5 squats

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    last week ended with a successful 5x5 with 120 kg on Saturday.

    This week:

    3 successful PR attemps, and in squat I equaled my 5RM PR (first time since in March)

    Bench Press: 100 kg 3 - 1 (PR, my first 3 digit BP ever, spotter helped with one more rep in each set, I planned 99kg 1x5 but the small weight plates weren't available)
    OHP: 55kg 5x5
    Dips: 12 reps

    Squats: 135 kg 1x5 (equal to 5RM PR)
    Clean and Snatch work on technique

    OHP: 64 kg 1x5 (PR)
    BP: 91 kg 5-5-5-4-4 (did 5x5 but lifted but on last rep in last two set so they are not counted).
    LTE: 22.5 kg + bar weight: 6-5-6

    Hang snatch: didn't count sets and reps, worked on technique but volume and intensity was still not easy.
    Deadlift: 145 kg 1x5 (5RM PR, I've done 147.5 kg 2 reps)
    pendlay rows: 80 kg 5 reps

    Squats: 125 kg 5-5-5-5-6 (lost count, did one extra to be sure I did 5, camera showed 6 reps).
    front squats: 50, 60 and 70 kg. didn't really count sets and reps, got some technique feedback.
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    This has been a great training week.
    PRs on all four main lifts and I am getting a better feel for the olympic lifts.

    Bench Press: 100 kg 1x5 PR.
    (previous PR was 100kg 3 reps from the week before)
    OHP: 57kg 5, 55 kg 4x5
    (didn't have shoes and it felt different, so I used a bit less weigth than planned)
    no time for assistance work

    Squats: 138 kg 1x5 PR
    Finally a squat PR. First since March. Previous PR was 137.5 2 reps, and 135 kg 5 reps from the week before
    Cleans: 60, 70 and 80 kg, at least 8 sets (in total) with 2 reps each.
    Deadlift: 125 kg 3x5

    OHP: 66kg 1x4 PR, 70 kg 1x2 PR.
    I decided to attempt 5 reps with 66 kg. I made only four (didn't attempt the 5th rep, because OHP has given me some neck pain recently) so I decided to attempt a 70 kg single to make up for the missed rep, but I managed to do a double. 64kg was the most i had pressed before this day (that was the week before).
    Benchpress: 92 kg 4x5, 90 kg 1x5

    Snatch: 40 kg 6x2.
    focusing on learning and getting a feel for the full snatch.
    Deadlift: 150 kg 1x5. PR
    I had planned 148 kg 5 reps but the last warm up set felt so good that I decided to go for 150 kg instead. Previous PR was 147.5kg 2 reps in March, and 5 reps of 145kg the week before
    Squat jerk: 40, 50 and 60 kg. a few reps each,
    First time I try to jerk.

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    Another good training week.
    PRs in all main lifts, but 2 PR of them had fewer successful reps than attempted.
    Also a Power clean PR.

    Squat: 128 kg 1x5, 120 kg 4x5
    I asked a guy to have a look at my depth, and he said I needed an inch or so deeper, so I took off some weight to do it properly.
    Front squats: 70 kg 2x5 80 kg 2x5

    Bench Press: 101 kg 1x5 (PR)
    OHP: 57.5 kg 5x5 (5x5 PR)
    Squat jerk: 40 kg 3x3
    technique focus
    klokov press (squat position): 30 kg 2x3

    Squat: 140 kg 1x5 (PR)
    Snatch: 40 kg 8x2 (technique focus)
    Deadlift: 130 kg 3x5

    OHP: 67 kg 3 - 4 (4RM PR)
    (first set was a failed 5RM PR attempt, second set went better for some reason)
    Bench Press: 93 kg 5x5 (5x5 PR)

    Deadlift: 155 kg 1x2 (2RM PR), 152 kg 1x1, 150 kg 1x1, 140 kg 1x1
    First set was a failed 5RM PR attempt. I was a bit cocky to add 5 kg to previous week's 5RM PR.
    Power clean, full clean and some jerks: technique focus, with 20, 40, 60 and 80 kg. Didn't keep track on number of sets an reps.
    I did power clean 80 kg and that's a PR. I also power jerked it.

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    Third week in a row with PRs in all main lifts!
    two PR attempts were successful, two PR attempts had fewer reps than attempted but were still PRs.

    Squat: 125 kg 4x5, 130 kg 1x5
    Front squats: 90 kg 2x3

    Bench press 102,5 kg 1x4 (4RM PR), 105 kg 1x1 (PR) (started a second rep but spotter needed to help)
    failed 5 RM attempt, I had decided on 102 kg, but the 1 kg plates weren't available (not sure that would mattered).

    OHP: 60 kg 5-4, 57.5 3x5 62.5 1x1
    (I wanted to do 59kg 5x5, but the plates weren't available for that. did the heavier single to make up for the lost rep in 2nd set)

    Squat: 142,5 kg 5 reps (PR)
    I asked an experienced power lifting guy to look at my depth and technique (between his 150 kg bench press sets!) and he said they all looked like white flag squats, but would like to see 1cm more to be on the save side.
    Cleans and Power cleans: at least 10 sets, mostly light doubles and tripples, focus on technique, got some help with learning the technique.
    Deadlift:132.5 kg 2x5
    (got kind of a low blood sugar feeling, so I called it a day without attempting a 3rd set)

    OHP: 68 kg 1x5 (PR)
    Bench Press: 94 kg 5-5-5-4 90 kg 1x6
    4th rep in 5th set felt heavy and I didn't attempt the 5th rep. I think I would have decent chances of making it but didn't have a spotter, so better be save than injured (or strangled to dead).

    Deadlift: 155 kg 3-2 (3RM PR)
    A bit disapointed to not make more reps. Still a PR and the form looked quite decent.
    last week second rep form was questionable (possibly a red flag lift), today 2nd sep rep was good, but 3rd rep was questionable, but still better than last weeks 2nd rep.

    Squats: 128 kg 4x5, 100 kg 1x5
    had a meeting and didn't have time to recover for last set, so I rather did a light set than no set at all. I rested far shorter (5 minute ish) between the other sets than I am used to (close to 10 minutes) do when I volume squat, due to the time pressure.

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    And now the PR streak has been broken.
    Only two PRs this week.
    I was close to making a new bench press PR, and made a 4RM and 2RM squat PRs and 5RM OHP PR, but no deadlift PR.

    I did not train on Saturday this "week".

    Bench press: 103 kr 1x3
    failed 5RM PR attempt. spotter barely touched on 4th rep, I attempted 5 rep but needed help from spotter to finish it.
    OHP: 59kg 5-4, 58kg 1x5, 55 kg 2x5
    I got bored resting between sets and started to punch a heavy bag, I lowered the weight a bit because of that.
    squat jerk: 40 kg technique practise

    Squat: 145 kg 1x4 (PR), 150 kg 1x2 (PR)
    Failed 5 RM PR attempt. I didn't attempt the last rep though.
    Snatch: technique practise. Did snatch pulls, hang snatches, power snatches and muscle snatches. Got some help with learning the technique

    OHP: 69 kg 1x5 (PR)
    the only planned PR attempt this week where I finished all reps
    Bench press: 95 kg 5x5 (5x5 PR)
    Dips: 2x5

    Deadlift: 150 kg 2x1
    This was just a terrible deadlifting day. Last warm up set was 150 kg single, then I attempted 160 kg, and failed twice ( with rests between), lowered to 155 kg and failed that too! ended up doing another single with 150 kg.
    Squats: 130 kg 5-4-3
    The terrible day continues. 1 set felt a bit tough for a 1st set of 5. I messed up the counting of reps in 2nd set and did only 4 reps due to that.
    On third rep in 3rd set I got a bit off balance, and that threw me of mentally (I think it is really tough mentally to do a set of 5 with this kind of weight, and usually take some time to prepare myself mentally for each set). I got really demoralized after that and quit. did few light front squats.

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    Took Saturday off again (my parents were visiting)

    Benchpress: 103 1x4, (4RM PR)
    spotter helped a tiny bit with the 5th rep.
    OHP: 59 kg 5x5
    Dips: 3-5-7-10

    Squat: 147.5 2x2
    felt terrible before going to gym. Was really exhausted mentally, and not with the right mindset to set a PR
    Power Clean: 90 kg 2x1 (PR),
    did a lot of technique practise, clean pulls, power cleans, full cleans mostly with 20 kg (a lot), and also 40, 60 and 80 kg.

    OHP: 70 kg 1x4 (4RM PR), 75 kg 1x2 (PR)
    Bench press: 96 kg 5-5-5-4 92.5 kg 1x3
    underestimated the 92.5 kg

    My first workout with a belt
    Deadlift: 155 kg 1x5 (5RM PR), 163 kg 1x1 (PR)
    Squats: 130 kg 5-5-5-5-3
    had to go to a meeting and didn't have enough time to rest before last set.

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    starting strength coach development program
    I just realized that two weeks ago I passed the 400 kg powerlifting total PR (I am aware of that it was not on the same day).

    I decided to calculate total for BP + OHP + squat + DL maxes for each week (not progression of PRs, the max weight I lifted each week):

    total amounts of rep in best set is shown in parenthesis (only count one set of max weight into rep total)

    Sep 12 - 437.5 kg (18 reps)
    Sep 19 - 444 kg (18 reps)
    Sep 26 - 458 kg (17 reps)
    Oct 4 - 463 kg (16 reps)
    Oct 10 - 470.5 kg (14 reps)
    Oct 17 - 472 kg (11 reps) (DL was 5 kg lower than previous week)
    Oct 24 - 488.5 kg (9 reps)

    The weight is going up but the amount of reps with the max weight is also going down.
    If I would have used my 4RM PR OHP and 5RM PR deadlift this week (instead of 2RM and 1RM) I would have gotten a total of 475.5kg and 15 reps this week.
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