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    Quote Originally Posted by Pekingman View Post
    Looks like you were enjoying yourself. I looked at the last squat a few times, that was a very close call on the depth. The pause on the bench while waiting for the signal is tough, not the same as TnG at all. Still some very tidy numbers there. Funky Cold Medina Gainz
    It was close! Never mind, I'd prefer to have it with no doubt. The paused bench is so dissimilar. I've been working timing, to get it still on my chest earlier.

    Quote Originally Posted by chromoly View Post
    Congratulations on the meet. The powerlifting community really is wonderful, isn't it? What a great thing, having a very nice random stranger help you out!

    The 137.5 kg deadlift is a very nice PR (over 300 lbs in freedom units)! Have you been working on your lumbar extension? You look decidedly less turtle-like than in the last heavy deadlifts you posted.
    I only realised I'd tipped the 300lb mark a few days afterwards! Yes, I have been working on it since May

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    Forgot to mention loved the stomping foot positioning on the setup for the squat, all that was missing was a snort or two and a red flag.

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