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    Ninth Week – Texas Method


    From this point onward I’ll be spending the ‘pre-meet’ period (the next 9 weeks) focusing on building some strength and addressing some weaknesses (triceps, upperback and deltoids). The following nine weeks will feature more volume and be followed by another three-four week peaking process where I’ll retest my maxes; on meet day I was surprised at my movement quality and barspeed and felt that I left a little on the table. Before I PCS to my next location and have my son in June, I’d like to see how far I can push my strength.

    The general plan will look like this (Plan ‘A’ is the pre-meet and Plan ‘B’ is the taper):

    Plan-A (initial 9 weeks)

    Volume Day:
    - Squat: 3-wk cycle 5xtriples, 4xfours, 3xfives, reset & add weight
    - Bench:4-wk cycle 5x10 @ 60%, 3-5x8, 3-5x5, 3-5x3 with progressive intensity (as outlined by Matt ‘Kroc’ on T-Nation)
    - Close-grip Bench: modified 5/3/1; 3-wk wave of 8’s, 5’s, 3’s with 2 back-off sets of 12, 10, 8 around 80% of the top set’s intensity (borrowed this set-up from Kale Beck on
    - 3-Way shoulder complexes: 3-sets of maximum reps (striving for 50 total reps prior to adding weight – i.e. 20, 17,13)

    Assistance Day:
    - Face-pulls: 5 sets of 20
    - Parallel Grip Chins: 3 sets to failure (adding weight around 3x10)
    - Barbell Row: 3x6 with a back-off set or two in the 12-15 rep range (‘Yates/Coan’ style)
    - One-Arm Dumbbell Row: 1 set of 20-30 reps (upping the weight at 30 – ‘Kroc’ style)
    - Reverse Ring Fly: 3-4x8-12

    Light Day:
    - Front Squat 3x6 @ 70% of Volume Day’s Intensity
    - Press: 3-sets of maximum reps (striving for 50 total reps prior to adding weight – i.e. 20, 17,13)
    - Neutral Grip Curls: 3-sets of maximum reps (striving for 50 total reps prior to adding weight – i.e. 20, 17,13)

    Intensity Day:
    - Squat: two ascending sets of 3, then three ascending sets of two
    - Bench: rep max mirroring the volume load (i.e. 10RM, 8RM, 5RM, 3RM)
    - Deadlift: 4-wk cycle; 3-5x5/3/1 reps, 4th wk consists of banded good mornings 3x20
    - Weighted Dips: 3-wk cycle; 3x10/8/6 (a gem from one of Bill Starr’s articles)

    - 100 repetitions of band pull-aparts
    - 100 repetitions of neck harness “yes/no”

    Plan-B (last 3-4 weeks)

    Volume Day:
    - Squat: same
    - Bench: same
    - Close-grip: same

    Assistance Day:
    - Face-pull: same
    - Parallel Grip Chins: same
    - Barbell Row: 3x6

    Light Day:
    - Back Squat: 3x5 or 3x3 at 80% of Volume Day’s Intensity
    - Press: same

    Intensity Day:
    - Squat: 3-5 ascending singles with wraps
    - Bench: same
    - Deadlift: same, ending 2-weeks out
    - Dips: 3x5-6 or 3xbody weight

    - Back Squat: 600 with wraps (any body weight)
    - Bench: 390+ (any body weight)
    - Deadlift: 625+ (any body weight)
    - Total: 1,600 (around 220-lbs body weight)

    Following this plan, I will spend a couple months focusing on my overhead strength and then start a fat-loss / distance running phase of 3-4 months prior to my annual fitness test.

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    Monday 29-Feb 2016: Volume Day
    Body weight: 218 lbs Training Time: 75 minutes

    Back Squat: 45x10, 135x5, 225x4, 315x3, 405x2, 455x1, 440x 5,5,5 RPE 9
    Bench: 45x12, 135x10, 225x 5 sets of 8 RPE8
    Closegrip Bench: 250 x10 RPE9, 195 2x10 RPE8.5
    3-Way Shoulder Raise Complex (Side, Front, Rear): 20lbs 3 sets of 15

    Tuesday, 1-Mar 2016: Assistance Day w/GPP
    Body weight: 217.8 lbs Training Time: 75 minutes

    5 minute dynamic warm-up
    Planks, half-court down-and-back sprints, & bench dip ladder; 10,9,8,7,6

    Barbell Row: 135x3, 225x3, 275x3, 255 3 sets of 5 RPE9, 1x10 @ 205 (underhand) RPE8.5
    1-Arm Dumbbell Row: 100 x20 reps RPE8.5
    P-grip pull-downs: 110 3 sets of 15
    Face-pulls: 5x20 @ 60 lbs (30-sec b/t sets)

    ****This workout felt like crap... now that I'm out of meet prep I'm back to training with the squadron once per week; couple that with chronic sleep disturbances the planned assistance work is a little excessive for me. I had nothing left when I got to training after PT this morning; at the meet I easily rowed 315 for a crisp single (beltless). Today 275 for 3 (with a belt) felt like death.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

    Amended Training Template for the Pre-Meet Period:

    Monday: Volume Day
    Tuesday: Assistance Day & GPP
    Thursday: Light Day
    Saturday: Intensity Day

    Saturday, Monday, Wednesday: Neck Harness & Band Pull-aparts
    Sunday, Wednesday, Friday: Hip & Scapular Mobility Work

    Volume Day:
    Squat 3 sets of 5, increasing the weight every 2-3 weeks
    Bench 4-Wk Wave (3-5 sets of 10's, 8's, 5's, 3's)
    Close-grip Bench Modified 5/3/1 (using an 8, 5, 3 scheme), 2 back-off sets of 12, 10, or 8
    3-Way Shoulder Raise Complex

    Assistance Day:
    Barbell Row 3x5-6, 1x10-12
    Dumbbell Row 1x20-25
    P-Grip Chin 4x6-8
    Face-Pulls 5x20

    Light Day:
    Front Squat 2-3x5 @ 70% Volume Day Intensity
    Press 3-Maximal Rep Sets w/2-mins rest b/t sets; increasing weight at either 20, 15, 10 or 50-reps
    Preacher Bench Curls (BB or DB... don't really care) 3-5x8-10

    Intensity Day:
    Squat/ Dynamic Squat (Alt. Weeks) 2x3 Ascending & 10-12x2 @ 55-65%1RM
    Bench 4-Wk Wave (10RM, 8RM, 5RM, 3RM)
    Dynamic Deadlift/Competition Deadlift & Rack Pull 8-10x1 @ 60-70%1RM & 1x2-3, 1x3 (rack pull)
    Dip 3-Wk Wave (3 sets of 10's, 8's, 5's -- Bill Starr)

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    Default update

    Had yet another scheduling change at work... I decided to simplify training by combining the PPST3, Chapter 7 recommendations for power-lifting as well as the recommendations from Justin Lascek's e-book "Texas Method Advanced." Hopefully I can find some continuity for the next couple of months (and have a productive training 'cycle').

    Thursday: Volume Upper Body (in place of Squadron PT)
    Friday: Volume Lower Body (in place of Squadron PT)
    Saturday: Off
    Sunday: Intensity Upper Body
    Monday: Intensity Lower Body
    Tuesday: Squadron PT (GPP)
    Wednesday: Off


    Sunday, 6-Mar 2016
    Weight: 220 lbs, Training Time: 75 minutes

    Warm-up Superset:
    - Press: barx10, 135x5, 165x3, 185x3
    - Band YTWL 4 sets of 6 (each movement for 6 followed by the next for 6... etc.)

    Intensity Press: 215x2 @RPE9 (belt, elbow sleeves, cleaned from the floor, hand-placement: distal phalange+ of the thumb on the smooth)
    Bench: 45x5, 135x5, 225x4, 275x3, 315x2, 345x2 @RPE8, 355x2 @RPE8.5, 365x2 @RPE9 (belt, light wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, hand-placement: distal phalange+ of the thumb on the smooth)
    Close-grip Bench: 235x8, 265x5, 305x6 @RPE9.5, 245x8,8 (80% back-off sets) (belt, elbow sleeves, hand-placement: index finger on the smooth)
    Push-Press: 235x2 @RPE7, 240x2 @RPE8, 245x3 @RPE8.5 (belt, elbow sleeves, cleaned from the floor, hand-placement: distal phalange+ of the thumb on the smooth)

    Notes: This session actually felt decent. I benched 225 for 5 sets of 8 on Monday and attempted a repetition maximum on Friday with 315. I only collected 6 reps and missed the 7th at lockout. Considering how I was feeling not 48 hours ago; today went well. Monday's squat was a train wreck; 445 for 3 sets of 5 across. All felt like RPE 8.5s. Beltless front squats on light day (Wednesday) were pretty crisp; 3 sets of 3 across at 315. Light Day's press was a higher volume approach (I tend to do better if I use a higher rep range and 'groove' the bar path prior to pressing a heavier weight later in the week' I shot for 3 sets of 10-20 reps, with the goal of achieivng 50 reps across three sets. I set 2-minute rest periods which would have been better had I extended them to 3-minutes; 135x20,12.5,6... collected about 38 reps (I assume a little longer rest time would push me to 45 reps next time - once I get into the 48-50 rep total I'll increase the weight). I opted for some Dynamic Squatting on a one-minute clock for Friday's Intensity squat session (to accomodate additional pulling volume); 10 sets of 2 at 345 felt like RPE8's instead of 7's... I wasn't happy about that. When it came time for pulling (conventional), I intended to do 3 sets of 5 with 455 (75%), but I was only able to manage 2 sets with the last rep of the second set having some grip issues. Both sets felt like RPE 9.5s (I have a hard time with deadlifting - its by far my strongest lift but I need a solid 2-3 weeks between intensity sessions to feel recovered enough -- hence the alternate week relationship between my DE/ME squatting and ME/DE pulling).
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    Monday, 7-Mar 2016
    Weight: 221 lbs, Training Time: 70 minutes

    Back Squat: barx10, 135x8, 225x6, 315x4, 405x2, 455x1, 495x1

    Reverse Band Squat (0lbs at the top, 40-50 lbs at the bottom): 535x2 @ RPE8, 545x2 @ RPE8.5, 555x2 @ RPE9 (Belt, cheap knee sleeves)
    Dynamic Sumo Pulls @ 60%: 135x2, 225x2, 335x 7 sets of 2 (on the minute, belt, cheap knee sleeves, olympic shoes)
    Band Good Morning: 3x15 approx 45-50 lbs
    Kettle Bell Swing: 10x10 50 lbs (1:4 work-to-rest)

    Notes: Like the bench session yesterday, this session felt great; I was able to get a decent amount of work in and feel strong/confident, yet didn't overdue it with excessive movements/too much stress from doing all three lifts in one training session. Next time (in two weeks) I plan on bringing a pair of short bands to make the speed pulls more effective. Alternatively, I considered pausing the speed sumo pulls an inch off the floor for a 3-count and then exploding to lockout. I suspect this will help build up some extra hip-strength which is the area I lack in my squat (fast off the floor with a paused sumo == bigger squat and conventional pull).

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    Tuesday, 8-Mar 2016
    Weight: 219 lbs, Training Time: 25 minutes

    Squadron PT this morning:

    5-minute dynamic: jogging, karaoke, high-knees, butt kickers, arm circles (forward and back)

    Diamond Push-up/Sit-up Ladder: 7,6,5,4,3,2,1
    Planks (center, left, right, left, right, center)
    Diamond Push-ups: 25
    Mason Twist 25 4-count
    Leg Raise (holds): 6", 45*, 90*, 45* 6" (30-sec each)
    Mason Twist 20 4-count
    Upper body stretching: chest, overhead triceps, cross body shoulder

    Annoying but required... As the weather heats up we'll be able to get some track time and light 5Ks rolling

    Mobilized after for 20 minutes
    - scapula/lats
    - couch stretch (2 min/side)
    - pigeon pose (2 min/side)
    - hamstring stretches
    - butterfly/groin stretch

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    Thursday, 10-Mar 2016
    Weight: 219.5 lbs, Training Time: 65 minutes

    Volume Upper

    Warm-up (super-set):
    - Bench barx15, 135x10, 225x8, 275x6
    - Band YTWL x6 (each direction)

    2-Count Paused Bench 315 x5@RPE9 (belt, elbow sleeves, feet flat, low arch). 5% Fatigue: 300 x5@RPE8.5, x5@RPE9
    Press barx5, 135x15, 12, 10 (3-minutes between each; belt, elbow sleeves)
    Flat DB Bench 5x10 @80lbs (nothing over RPE8)
    Weighted Dip: 90 x8,6 45 x10, bodyweight x10
    Overhead Dumbbell Extension 80x12, 90x11, 90x10
    Lateral Raises 40 3 sets of 15 (1.5 rep style), last set with double drop (1.5 rep style); 35 x6, 30 x6

    Notes: I've been playing with my bench setup lately - focusing on using a belt and arching less, using flat feet and incorporating more deliberate pauses. Today was the most solid my bench has felt in the past year.

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    Friday, 11-Mar 2016
    Weight 220lbs, Training Time: 75 minutes

    Volume Lower Body

    Squat 45x10,135x8,225x6,315x4,405x2,455x1,475x1,495x1, 450 3 sets of 5 @RPE8.5,9,9.5

    RDL 275 3 sets of 5
    Bent Row 265 3 sets of 5
    P-grip Chin 3 sets of 5 @45
    P-grip Curl 60x20,15,12
    High cable face pull 60x5x15

    Felt like crap

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    Sunday, 13-Mar 2016
    Weight 221, time: 70 minutes

    Intensity Upper Body

    Band YTWL 4 rounds of 6
    Bench: 45x15,135x10,225x8,275x6,315x4, 345x3 RPE8.5, 355x3 RPE9, 365x3 RPE10

    Closegrip bench 205x8,235x8,250x12 RPE8.5
    Slingshot Closegrip 275x12,10
    PushPress 235x3 240x3

    Felt halfway decent today. Forgot lifting shoes for overhead work so I skipped a max effort press and didn't go nuts on the push presses. Couldn't stay in control with minimalist shoes

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    Monday, 14-Mar 2016
    Weight: 219lbs, Time: 80 minutes

    Intensity Lower Body: Texas Method Lower Body Intensity Day 14 Mar 2016 - YouTube

    Squat 45x10,135x8,225x6,315x4,405x2, 315+67lb bands at the top 10 sets of 2 (on the minute)

    Rack Pull doubles up to 525,565 x2
    Conventional Deadlift singles up to 525x3 RPE10, 405x10 RPE8.5

    Band good morning 50-50lbs 3 sets of 15

    Kettle bell swings 4x25 2:1 work to rest ratio.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Thursday, 17-Mar 2016
    Weight 219lbs, Time: 65 minutes

    Volume Upper Body

    Band YTWL 7,7,6,6

    Bench 45x15, 135x10, 225x8, 275x6,

    Belt, elbow sleeves 320x5 1-ct pause RPE9, 5% Load Drop: 305 1-ct pause 3x5 RPE8,8.5,9

    Dead Stop Press (elbow sleeve and belt): 135 x14,13,11

    Incline BB 135 5x10
    Seated Overhead DB Ext 105x12,8,8,8
    Incline Rear DB Fly 30x15,12,10,8

    Notes: bench moved well. I strained my left wrist on push press Sunday morning. So press and incline felt horrible - had to use wrist wraps on the press to mitigate some pain. Couldn't perform dips today as a side effect. No biggie - I'm still making progress

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