Week 8 day 3 of hypertrophy block

Conventional deadlift with belt: 330x8x1@7; 345x8x1@8; 355x8x1@9; 340x8x1. Four to five minutes rest.

2-count paused bench: 150x10x1@7; 157.5x10x1@8; 165x10x1@9; 157.5x10x1. Four to five minutes rest.

Seated DB press: 47.5x12x1@10; 42.5x12x2. Three minutes rest.

DB lateral raise: 17.5x15x2@8-9. Three minutes rest.

DB curls: 30x13x3@8 supersetted with triceps press downs: 70x13x3@8. Three minutes rest.