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    Well, I've finally made the break to this Intermediate Training Log from the SS Log. I pretty much just stayed there 'cause that's where all my info was. However, I miss Carson! ;-) He led the way over here and I'm following.

    There was a deeper issue, and that was that I really didn't know how to be an Intermediate. I kept waiting for the 3 resets to occur "naturally" before tackling an intermediate program, but unnatural things kept causing resets: Illness, business trips, and accidents all caused resets followed by LP, followed by another business trip, followed by LP, followed by a cold, followed by LP, etc. I didn't realize that I had reached the limits that my genetics and age dictated as far as 48 hour recovery is concerned and I was just pogo sticking up and down in the same place for years! I read "The Barbell Prescription" when it came out. It really opened my eyes. I started a real intermediate program for the first time. I got a bunch of PRs the summer of '17. Then, ouch, I fell over on my mountain bike and broke my hip! Three screws later and a couple of months go by and I'm back to SS LP again!! Finally got close to my old levels this past summer (2018) and have returned to an Intermediate Program.

    I was doing a modified Texas Method (2x per week), as described by Sully, for old guys, but the volume days were taking me 90 minutes to complete. I need to get to work and I was being squeezed between the gym opening time of 6am and the need to be at work by 8:30. So I switched to another Intermediate program as modified for old guys, a 4 day split, which got me out of the gym in 45-60 minutes and allowed for a bit more upper body work (and got me to work on time!).

    A note on my handle, Gene61. I was 61 years old when I started with SS. I had no concept that I would still be here 6 years later! I should be Gene67 now, or Gene1951, but hey, a handle is a handle. Glad to be here! Lifting is the Fountain of Youth!

    Catching up on my log, starting from my last entry on the SS Log:

    Monday, 10/15/18
    223 lbs, 28% BF

    Squat (volume) 185x5x4

    Bench (intensity) 150x3x2

    Tuesday 10/16/18
    224 lbs 28.4% BF

    Press (Int), 90x3x2

    Pull Downs: 180x8x3

    Saturday, 10/20/18

    Bench (vol), 135x5x4

    Deadlift, 210 lbs x5x1

    Monday, 10/22/18
    223 lbs 27.8% BF

    Squat (Int), 205x3x2

    Bench (Int), 155x2x3

    Tuesday, 10/23/18
    223 lbs 27.4% BF

    Press (vol) 81x5x4

    Chin: 3,3,3

    Thursday, 10/25/18

    Squat (vol), 185x5x4

    Bench (vol), 135x5x4

    Friday, 10/26/18
    222 lbs, 27.4% BF

    Press (Int), 90x3x2

    DL, 97.5 KG x5x1

    Monday, 10/29/18
    222 lbs, 27% BF

    Squat (Int), 210x1x3

    Bench (Int), 160x1x3

    Wednesday, 10/31/18
    222 lbs, 27% BF

    Press (Vol), 80x5x4

    Pulldowns, 185x8x3

    Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018
    223 lbs, 27.5% BF

    Squat (Vol), 185x5x4

    Bench (vol), 140x5x4

    DL, 100 KG x5x1
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    ....and Carson, I am NOT taking you up on your challenge to race to a 400 lb DL! You have a huge head start on me and many fewer distractions! You will be there in a while. I'd just be happy to get to 315! (which you passed a long time ago!)

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    It's a joy to see you here and thanks for giving me far more credit than I deserve. I don't like what your politicians are doing out there and so am resisting coming there but you might be the reason I pay a visit You inspire me by not giving up and by encouraging me on my various adventures since retirement.

    I know this is advice you will probably not take but stay away from the dangerous sports. Do some that are exciting but why not leave flying without wings to the younger generation.

    Anyway, I'm glad you are here.

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    Well now. I do have a 4 day ATV / Camping trip coming up in the Spring! No flying through the air, though. I'll take it easy. Just did an hour, up hill and down dale, mountain bike ride this morning. As long as my gear is in good shape, I'm safe. I lift so I can do those things!

    I'm not a fan of the California politics either: neither the "deny reality" left wing politics of San Francisco, nor the "deny science" right wing politics of Bakersfield. I'm that odd liberal Republican which is an almost extinct animal.

    But anyway, Carson, the Politicians are not in evidence when you do the tourist things. California is spectacular and you will never see Nancy Pelosi. No reason not to come out for a visit.

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    Thursday Nov 8, 2018

    Squat (Intensity day), 205x5x1

    Bench (Int), 152.5x5x1

    Friday, 11/9/19
    221.5 lbs, 27.5% BF

    Press (Int) 92.5x2x3

    DL, 102.5 KG x 5x1

    Tuesday 11/13/19
    224.3 lbs, 27.1% BF

    Squat (vol), 185x5x4

    Bench (vol), 137.5x5x4

    Wed. 11/14/18
    222 lbs, 28% BF

    Press (vol), 82.5x5x4

    Chins, 4,3,3

    HIIT on C2 Rowing Machine, 4 cycles

    Friday, 11/16/18d

    Squat (Int), 210x3x2

    Bench (Int), 155x3x2

    Then I had a trip to China for a week and now I have a cold. I'll probably lose a week and a half and have to do a reset. Story of my life! I'll get back after it mid week I think.

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    Help me understand how you calculate body fat. I've never really tried to do it and I'm not sure how useful it is in any event, but I am curious. E.g., on 11/13 you weighed 224.3 with a 27.1% body fat. The next day you weighed less at 222 but had a 28% body fat.

    Just curious

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    “A note on my handle, Gene61”

    Hey, it works... I can’t ever remember how old I was when I started taking strength seriously... 47? Maybe, but who knows.

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    ColoWayno, Good point. Without the handle I very well could lose track of how old I was when I started!

    Carson, I just have a Whithings scale which tells me its estimate of my body fat whenever I step on the scale. It uses a measurement of my body's impedance through my legs from foot to foot. More impedance, more fat! I'm sure it's wildly inaccurate, but its consistent with an individual so I can see how *I* am doing compared to where I was last month. Obviously there hasn't been much change the last few years, but I'm ever hopeful!

    With the trip to China followed by a bad cold, I was off for two weeks! Big reset and LP once again!

    Saturday, Dec 1, 2018

    Squat: reset, 155x5x3

    Bench: reset, 125x5x3

    Sunday, 12/2/18
    224 lbs, 26.4% BF

    Press:, reset 80x5x3

    Pull Downs, 170x8x3

    HIIT on C2 Rower 4x intervals

    Thursday, 12/6/18
    223 obs, 26.7%

    Squat: +20lbs, 175x5x3

    Bench: +10 lbs, 135x5x3

    Saturday, Dec 8, 2018
    222 lbs, 26.5% BF

    Press: +2.5 lbs, 82.5x5, x4 ,x4 (two missed reps - on to Intermediate programing)

    Deadlift: reset, 209x5x1

    Monday, 12/10/18
    222.6 lbs 26.9% BF

    Squat: +10 lbs, 185x5x3

    Bench: + 5 lbs, 140x5x3

    Tuesday, 12/11/18
    221 lbs 26.8%

    Press: Intensity, 85x5x1

    Chins: 3,3,3

    HIIT x5

    Thursday, 12/13/18

    221 lbs, 27.4%

    Squat: Intensity, +10 lbs 195x5x1

    Bench: Volume, 130x5x4

    Sunday, 12/16/18

    Press: Volume, 75x5x4

    Deadlift: + 6lbs 215x5x1

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    Well, I continue on with my yo-yo lifting. At least I keep it going when I can. I've just now been off a week with a bad cold. Tomorrow I have to go to NY for a sales meeting, so I'll be off a week and half before I can get in my next workout. Complain, Complain, complain! Enough of that! Here are my yo-yo lifts from the last month.

    Before this workout I was off for a few days with a cold.

    Friday, 12/21/18

    Squat (vol): 175x5x4

    Bench (Int): 145x5x1

    Saturday 12.22/18

    Press (Int): 90x3x2

    DL (KG): 100x5x1

    Monday 12/24/18

    Squat (Int): 200x3,5 Was going to do 3x2, but felt strong on the second set and did 5 instead.

    Bench (vol): 135x5x4

    Went to Australia for vacation. No lifting available.

    Saturday, 1/5/19

    Press (reset): 80x5x3

    DL (reset) KG: 90x5x1

    Monday 1/7/19
    224 lbs, 27.7% BF

    Squat (reset): 180x5x3

    Bench (reset): 130x5x3

    Tuesday 1/8/19
    223.7lbs, 28.2 % BF

    Press: +2.5lbs, 82.5x5x3

    Cable pull downs: (reset) 170x8x3

    Thursday, 1/10/19

    223.3 lbs, 27.2% BF

    Squat: +5 lbs, 185x5x3

    Bench: +5 lbs, 135x5x3

    Friday 1/11/19

    225.5 lbs, 26.6% BF

    Press: +2.5lbs, 85x5x3

    DL: +5 KG 95x5x1

    Tuesday, 1/15/19

    219.8 lbs !!!, 26.9% BF (Did my first ever 48 hr fast! Very tough, but I'm sure its good for me.)

    Squat: +5 lbs, 190x5x3

    Bench: +2.5 lbs, 137.5x5x3

    Wednesday, 1/16/19
    219.5 lbs, 25.9% BF

    Press: +2.5 lbs, 87.5x5x3

    Chins: 3,2,2

    Thursday 1/18/19
    222.4 lbs, 26.2% BF

    Squat (Intensity, back to intermediate programing): +5 lbs, 195x5x1

    Bench (Intensity): 140x5x1

    Saturday 1/19/19

    Press (vol): 80x5x4

    DL: +2.5 KG, 97.5x5x1

    Monday, 1/21/19
    223.3 lbs, 26.6% BF

    Squat (vol): 175x5x4

    Bench (Int): +2.5 lbs, 142.5x5x1

    Friday, 1/25/19
    224 lbs, 26.6% BF

    Press (Int): 90x3x2

    DL: +2.5 KG, 100x5x1

    Monday 1/28/19

    Squat (int): 200x3x2

    Bench (vol): 130x5x4

    Now its been a week with no workouts. Back to it on Thursday when I get back from NY.

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    starting strength coach development program
    I went to NY for a week and then came home with a cold, so 3 weeks off. So big reset and restart!

    Thursday, 2/14/19
    220.9 lbs, 26.9% BF

    Squat (reset), 155x5x3

    Bench (reset), 125x5x3

    Friday 2/15/19
    222.3 lbs, 26.9% BF

    Press (reset) 75x5x3

    DL reset (KG) 90x5x1

    Monday, 2/18/19 Happy Presidents Day!
    222 lbs, 26.9% BF

    Squat (LP) +10 lbs, 175x5x3

    Bench (LP) +5 lbs, 130x5x3

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