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Thread: Bobby Barbells

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    • starting strength seminar august 2024
    • starting strength seminar october 2024
    • starting strength seminar december 2024
    BW 186-187

    Press: 185x1, 195x1, 205x1, 205x1, 205x0, 195x1, 200x0
    Light/Volume Bench: 250x5x3

    Pin Squats: 365x1, 315x3x2 These suck
    Press: 180x3x5
    Halting Deadlift: 410x8

    Bench Press: 310x1, 315x1 (310 moved so fast I had to) 265x3x2 (one less triple than usual because I did two heavy singles)
    Barbell Row: 230x5x3 (figured out how to do these better, going to run them up with bigger jumps now)
    Volume Press: 147.5x8x3

    18Jan2024 (missed some days because I was sick)
    Rack Pull: 540x2, 540x0 (I'm not sure what happened. My gut says its because I was sick, but maybe I'm doing too much heavy pulling. I'm going to try to do another heavy pull on this day next 4 day block and see what happens)
    Pin Press: 220x5 (these moved well, which is something that makes me think I'm doing too much pulling)
    Light Squat: 320x5x3 (also easy)
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    BW 186-188

    Press Singles: 185, 195, 205, 205, 210(miss), 210(miss), 195, 200
    Bench Press: 255x5x3
    Chins: (+10)x5x3

    Squat: 430x1, 345x3x2
    Press Triples: 185x3x5
    Halting Deadlift: 415x8

    Bench Press: 320x1, 270x3x3
    Barbell Rows: 245x5x3
    Volume Press: 150x8x3

    31Jan2024 (had to miss some days again because I've been sick. Had the worst sinus infection)
    Deadlift: 450x5
    Pin Press: 225x5
    Skipped the light squats because my ear feels like shit from the sinus infection, the Valsalva was too much pressure. I still got the meat of this workout done though
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    BW Not Good

    Been sick since 26Jan2024 with a sinus infection. Found out it really negatively affects my ability to hit singles when I'm sick
    Press: 185x0, 185x0, 185x0 (I did this weight for triples a week ago)
    Bench: 260x5x3 (at least these went smoothly)

    Feeling almost better now
    Pause Squat 375x1x3, 325x3x2 (I had to repeat the top single 3 times because I jumped the gun on the pause, luckily I was filming so I caught it)
    Press Triples: 187.5x3x4, 187.5x2 missed the last rep, chalking it up to not being 100%. 9-10 days from now I think I'll be able to get 190
    Halting Deadlift: 420x8 (need to work on not jerking these off the floor)

    Still have no energy
    Bench Press: 325x0, Going to try again when I feel better, 275x3x2
    Barbell Rows: 255x5x3

    Rack Pull: 540x5
    Pin Press: 230x5

    Hopefully feeling better by next block
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    BW 181 (lost a lot of weight from being sick for two weeks)

    Press: 190x2x3
    Bench Press: 265x5, 265x4

    Finally feeling normal and finished a workout
    Pin Squats: 405x1, 325x3x2
    Medium Press: 165x5x3
    Halting Deadlift: 425x8

    Bench Press: 300x1, 325x0, 275x3x2, 275x2
    Rows: 265x5x3

    20 mins incline treadmill
    Chins: 9,8,6
    Cable Tricep Extension: 135x10x3
    Preacher Curlz: 45x10x3

    Deadlift: 455x5
    Pin Press: 235x5
    Light Squat: 315x5 (lungs being sore from Bronchitis is really holding me back on these)
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    BW 182

    Press: 192.5x2x3
    Volume Bench: 250x5x3
    Power Cleans: 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 miss, 95 kg

    Chins: 10, 6, 5
    Cable Tricep Extension: 140x10x3
    Preacher Curls: 35x10x3 (I'm actually not sure how much this bar weighs)

    Squat: 435x1, 350x3

    Bench Press: 305x1, 260x3x3
    Barbell Row: 275x5x3
    Volume Press: 135x8x3

    Rack Pull: 545x3
    Pin Press: 240x2
    (I think I've run out this program)
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    Time to do some Andy Baker stuff

    Squat: 330x6 (supposed to be 8, but my back wasn't recovered from Saturday yet, get it next week, or maybe I'll start at 315, we'll see)
    Hack Squat: 225x10, 185x10, 135x10 (Have no idea how much the machine weighs, so I'm just pretending its 45 lbs)
    Leg Press: 135x50 (Density Set)
    Didn't do the calf raises, my legs aren't adjusted to this yet and I need to be able to walk to do my job

    Bench Press: 225x8x3
    Incline Bench: 135x8x3 (had the angle way to vertical, can definitely do more weight)
    Close Grip Bench: 95x50 density
    Barbell Curl: 66, 60, 55, 50, 45x10

    Deadlift: 460x5
    Deficit Deadlift: 225x8x3
    Light Squat: 275x5x3
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    Great work! keep at it

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    Squat: 315x8
    Hack Squat: 225x8x3
    Leg Press: 225x30 density (building up to 50)

    Bench Press: 250x5x3
    Incline Bench Press: 185x5x3
    Close Grip Bench: 95x50 density
    Curlz: 70, 65, 60, 55, 50x10 drop sets

    Halting Deadlift: 405x8
    Light Squat: 275x5x3
    Deficit Deadlift: 235x8x3
    Standing Calf Raise: 135x50 density

    Press: 155x5x3
    Seated Press: 115x8x3
    Close Grip Bench: 100x50 density
    Lateral Raise: 13x50 density
    Barbell Curl: 50x10x3

    Been Wonderfully Inconsistent trying this new program
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    Missed a week of training because of life. Getting back on track. The 8s, 5s, 2s thing 5 days a week might be a little too ambitious for my schedule. Doing 3 sets of 8 is going to be too long of a workout for me as well. So I'm going to apply the same principles to some other rep schemes that Andy Baker cooked up
    I'd rather do one all out set to failure than lots of lower volume sets across. If it works it works, if it doesn't then I'll learn my lesson

    Top Set / Back Off Set Programming - Andy Baker

    "...Magnanimity implies greatness, just as beauty implies a well developed body: ie. small people can be neat and well proportioned, but not beautiful." - Aristotle saying you can't be beautiful if you aren't jacked

    Squat: 405x1, 335x3x2 (I hadn't figured out what my approach was going to be when I decided to do a single/backoffs, going to do 300 or 315 x8 next week and just work my way up)
    Hack Squat: 245x8x3
    Leg Press: 225x50 density
    Calf Raise: 135x50 density

    Bench Press: 230x8, 205x10
    Incline Bench: 157.5x8x3
    Close Grip Bench: 105x50 density
    Barbell Curls: 70, 65, 60, 55, 50x10

    Rack Pull: 550x3
    Light Squat: 275x5x2
    Barbell Row: 185x8x3

    Press: 155x7, 135x10 (didn't push this as hard as I should have, need to remember to basically go to failure)
    BtN Press: 95x8x3
    Seated Press: 95x12x3 (going to be able to run up the press accessories pretty quick I think)
    Curlz: 55x10x3

    Squat: 335x7, 285x10 (could have gotten 8 on the 335, I had to film it because I suspected that I need to readjust me perception of what my limit is at this rep range, based on bar speed I should have done at least 8, so next time its 340x8 or bust basically. 285x10 ended two reps short of where I would have capped it because I lost my balance and put it on the pins)
    Power Clean: 60kgx3x3
    Lat Pulldown: 135x12x3

    Deadlift: 465x2
    Light Squat: 300x5x3
    Press: 157x7, 135x10
    BtN Press: 105x8x3
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    starting strength coach development program
    Bench: 225x9, 205x12
    Incline Bench: 167.5x8x3
    Chins: BWx7x2
    I donated blood a few hours before hand so I cut some of the stuff out at the end

    Squat: 340x8, 275x12 (I'm not sure how helpful the back off set is on these seems like it just takes a long time to recover from)
    Bar Speed still isn't really slowing down on these. Based on my footage, I could have gotten 9 or 10 at 340. Even if this program doesn't work, I'll definitely learn about grinding/perceived limits
    Snatch: 60kgx1x10
    Lat Pulldown: 135x12x3

    Press: 157.5x7, 137.5x11
    BtN Press: 125x5x3
    Close Grip Bench: 205x5x3
    Curlz: 75x10x3
    Pressing once a week doesn't seem like its going to be sufficient, so I'll have a bench variant on my press day, and a volume press on my bench day

    Rack Pull: 550x0, 525x3, 475x5
    Light Squat: 305x5x3
    Barbell Row: 275x5, 245x5x2
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