So a little background about myself. I am 36 years old and have been training for about two years. I had experience in the gym for three or so years before that, but it mainly consisted of exercise and playing around in the dumbbell rack (even though I did high bar squat and bench). I played a lot of sports growing up and always considered myself a "moderately good" athlete (delusions of grandeur I am sure). Most importantly, I am a husband and father of two (oldest girl is three years old and youngest boy is about three and a half months old). I am 5'10", 230 lbs, and lift in my basement/garage gym.

I completed my NLP, and that is when I feel like my programming fell apart. I most likely re-set too many times, pursued a 4 day split that involved too much volume, added Olympic weightlifting, and generally drove myself into the ground (family, work, lifting, etc). Well new year, new me (I actually hate that phrase). This year I decided to commit myself to a MWF schedule that involved three of the major lifts every day, I also mapped out a heavy, light, medium program based on my "assumed" 1RMS. 5 training sessions into the new year and I am feeling good and recovering better. Excited to become a bit more serious from a programming perspective and see what happens.

Last 2 training sessions had work sets of
Squat - 366/5/3 (heavy)
Bench - 223/8/2 (medium)
Deadlift - 255/8/1 (light)

Bench - 270/5/3 (heavy)
Squat - 217.5/8/2 (light)
Deadlift - 355/5/1 (medium)

Thanks in advance for any encouragement and/or advice.