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    Light squat day, and had the option to do pause squats, so I tried them out. I would hold for 3 sec. before coming back up. But, too many in the gym today, so was able to knock out training with minimal distractions.

    Pause Squats: 200x2x6
    Bench: 155X4x6
    BB Row:160x4x8

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    Been a hot minute since I was able to post up my training. Very busy time at work, and it doesn't look like it is going to slack off any. So I am out and about training Soldiers instead of riding a cube, which is great, but I don't get to jump on and check out what is happening around the SS community. I try to catch up on Sundays, but usually the wife has something of interest to do as well. So for this one, trying to make up this week, and the Friday the week before in this go.

    Friday 2 Aug
    Squats: 220x6x3
    DL: 250x6x1

    Monday, 4 Aug
    Squats: 250x5x4
    Press: 110x5x3
    DL: 230x5x3

    Wed 7 Aug
    Pause Squats: 220x5x2 with 3 sec pause in the hole
    Bench: 165x5x4
    BB Row: 185x4x6

    Friday 9 Aug
    Squats: 230x3x5
    Press: 115x5x4
    DL: 265x5x1

    I do believe my form is slipping again with my Dead Lift. Something I am trying to be cognitive of. I am still chugging along, but think I am missing the adding 5lbs each work out. But, week 13 I should be able to hit new PRs using Coach Bakers system. The processes has worked thus far, so continue to believe in it.

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