30yo female lifter starting TM from NLP 30yo female lifter starting TM from NLP

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Thread: 30yo female lifter starting TM from NLP

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    Default 30yo female lifter starting TM from NLP

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    I'm a 30 year old woman, 5'3 ~135lbs. I've gained 8-10 lbs on SS. I've ended NLP and transitioned to Texas Method in the last couple weeks. The end of NLP became morally and mentally arduous in a way I didn't fully understand until starting TM. I train at the YMCA and I live in a town of 2,000 people with very little support and unlimited unsolicited terrible spotters with bad advice.

    I ended NLP with:
    Squat: 220lbs 3x3
    Bench: 122.5lbs 3x3
    OHP: 85lbs 5x3
    Dead: 245lbs x5 worked up to 255 x3
    Chin ups: bodyweight x7, usually 3x5

    I started TM with the standard sets/reps and am giving it a go before I make adjustments for female lifters, except that I'm adding deadlifting to volume days after listening to Barbell Logic podcast w/ Andy Baker. My OHP is still moving forward on NLP so I haven't fully incorporated into TM yet. All other lifts at the end of NLP would look like this: fail, fail, fail, get it, fail, fail, fail, get it. This got old and sad.

    These two weeks have been a little off program as I made the decision to transition to TM. It was hard to leave NLP. It was wonderful and I loved it. Looking forward to solidly being on TM. Perhaps registering for a meet too..

    My first week:
    Squats 180 5x5
    Bench: (was still on NLP) 125 x3, 3, 2
    Deads: (was still on NLP) 255 x2, 1

    Squats: 155 3x5
    OHP: (was still on NLP) 82.5 5x3
    Chin up: 3x5

    Squat: 205 x5 and single at 225 (YNDTP I know... I had to.)
    Bench: (was still on NLP) 125 x3, 2, 1
    Deadlift: (was still on NLP) 255 x3

    Second week thus far:
    Squats: 185 5x5
    Bench: 105 5x5
    Dead: 190 2x8

    Squats: 160 3x5
    OHP: (still on NLP) 85 5x3
    Chin up: 3x6

    Planned workout tomorrow:
    Squats: 210x5
    Bench: 122.5 x5
    Dead: 220x5

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    I am loving Texas Method.
    I could have started it earlier, but was concerned I might be cheating myself of novice gains, well that realy wasn't the case at all, I was basically in a state of overtraining, been on it now for 13 weeks, and enjoy working toward a new max lift every Friday.

    Hope you're enjoying it.

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    I am loving it too! I was also super hesitant about the change and have realized, like you, I just wasn't recovering in between workouts anymore. It's making lifting fun again.


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