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    I'm participating in the Coaching Development Program, and logging my training here while I go through the course.

    I've been training for about 3 years, firmly in intermediate territory but not that advanced since I spent most of 2018 rebuilding after getting sick in the spring and then starting a business (lots of missed training). Finally back to regular training this year and hitting PR's. I compete in Strengthlifting, but my last meet was in Jan 2018. Planning to compete again in Spring or Summer 2019.

    M / 30yrs old
    5' 9"

    Current PR's (lbs):
    Squat - 435
    Press - 235
    Bench - 316
    Deadlift - 453

    These were set at my last meet in Jan 2018, except for the bench which is current.

    Most recent (2019) training PR's:
    Squat - 405x3x3
    Press - 210x3x1
    Bench - 260x5x3
    Deadlift - 415x5x1
    Rack Pull - 450x5x1

    Squat - 450
    Press - 250
    Deadlift - 500

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    Welcome Trent! Great to see you here mate.


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