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    Late entry:

    10/14 Session 36-4, Back

    Pull-/Chin-ups (assisted) -- 160 x 2 x 3; 3 mins rest between

    WG Lat Pull-downs (1-1/2's) -- 125 x 12 x 5

    1-Arm DB Rows -- 60 x 12 x 5 each arm

    DB Rear Delt Raises -- 60 x 12 x 5

    DB Shrugs -- 120 x 20 x 5

    Duration -- 73 mins

    10/15 Session 36-5, Squat (light day)


    45 x 5 x 2
    135 x 5

    working sets:

    225 x 3

    155 x 5 x 2

    Leg Extensions (1-1/2's) -- 120 x 12 x 5

    Duration -- 35 mins

    Next week, I'll add a few more pounds to the 20-rep squats on upper-body days, while using the light lower days to add somewhat to the weight and volume, but still keeping it low so as not to affect my weekend rowing.

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    10/17 Weekend Update

    10/16 AM Rowing practice -- Well, our coach didn't show up; later, we discovered he thought today was Friday, not Saturday. The holiday Monday at the beginning of the week must have messed with his mental calendar. Anyway, we had enough rowers to fill an 8 plus one of us who is an accomplished coxswain to steer the boat, and the Novice team's coach offered to "oversee" us while we practiced. He said it would give his novices a great opportunity to prepare for tomorrow's race, working out against our boat. So, after warming up and rowing to the area where tomorrow's race would start, he had us give the novices a decent head-start, and then told us to do our best to catch them. We did, and not all that far into the course. By the half-way point, we could not even see them anymore. Crossed the finish line and the coach caught up to us in his launch, said "I've got some work to do out here, so you guys can do your own drills and make your way back to the dock." We did, and it was a good stretch. I give myself about 50 minutes of solid training/cardio work.

    10/17 -- Our boat was not scheduled to start until 2PM, so I was able to get my morning measurements.

    Measurement Sunday

    Total weight (spot) -- 193.6 (+1.4); (week avg) 193.1 (-0.8); (long avg) 192.8 (+0.1)

    LBM (spot) 175.9 (+1.9); (long avg) 175.3 (+0.1)
    FAT (spot) 17.7 (-0.5); (long avg) 17.5 (nc)

    Yields an est bf of 9.1% (today's spot was 9.14%)

    Eating 163/259/104 for 2625 kcals. Getting better.

    Body-part measures steady.

    PM - We all arrived at the dock about Noon to do boat-prep and get our "game-faces" on. Coach was there, so no worries, and he would be also performing as coxswain for the race, so we felt very confident that we would perform well. Weather was sunny and mild, but the breeze had picked up considerably, and would be a factor to work through. Other rowers who had already been on the course talked about the cross-wind and choppy water and how it would affect the rowing movement patterns. We launched about 1:20, warmed-up by rowing "easy" to the starting area. I put easy in quotes there because the entire warm-up was upwind, and it was not easy, requiring some pretty decent extra push from the usual "paddle-pressure". Coach/cox used the time to test out how the wind would affect his steering, and it turned out that he was going to need the #2 & #4 rowers to exert extra pressure for the turns -- I'm #4, so it was a warning, but I felt good. Waiting for our turn in sequence in the marshalling area involved keeping the oars in the water in a holding position, as the wind was trying to blow us over the starting line early. But once we got the word to start moving up, we eased into the motion and crossed at full power and at race-pace. For the most part, we were solid and on track, but endurance started to give out in the last 1000 meters, as we hit the part of the course where the wind had the greatest impact. We held off a competitive boat that was working hard to catch us -- if the race had been a couple hundred meters longer, it would have, but we finished without getting passed. Time (adjusted for age handicap) was 20 mins 21 secs; length of the course was about 4800 meters, giving us a 500-meter split-time of 2:13. It was a few seconds slower than our Challenge split-time last weekend, but that was due mostly to the wind. We have 6 more sessions to go -- 4 practices and a long 2-day weekend race regatta. And our Coach announced that he would not be finishing the season with us, someone else would be coming along. This makes the 10th coaching change we've had this season. I credit myself with 60 minutes of solid training/cardio work -- 20 mins to row the warm-up, 20 mins for the race, and 20 minutes to row back to the dock from the finish line.

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