Always moving forward (unless I need to reset) Always moving forward (unless I need to reset)

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Thread: Always moving forward (unless I need to reset)

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    Default Always moving forward (unless I need to reset)

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    47 years
    Ht: 59
    Wt: 205-210 (10-15 pound increase since beginning)
    Training experience: Grew up athletic, sports ended fatness began, back into this for past 7 years.
    Pretty much stay at home dad. 2 Girls: 3, 3 months.

    Coming over from Starting Strength Training Log
    Accountability Log, NEVER GIVING UP!

    I guess i have been off NLP and LP for a while but just wanted to leave my log there.

    So now I am here.

    Here is my current stuff.

    Squat - worked up to 315 for 5 reps, really having a hard time with shoulders and wrists due to mobility. I have backed down a few times, currently getting back and am at 175, LP.

    Bench - Running 4th cycle of a 5-3-1 program. should do 315 single next week. This program is going very well for me. I began with 9 sets per cycle, 39 reps per cycle (not including warm ups). Moving the needle very well with such little volume. Alternating bench and press sessions for performing lift 1.5 times per week (like I said very little volume). This cycle I added an additional back off set, working set plus 3 back off sets. I am hoping this M.E.D. (minimum effective dose) will be enough to work for another few cycles without adding anymore volume.

    Press - Ran LP up to 150 successfully then life happened. Worked back up there again and it feels like more of a struggle. I have been alternating 5 sets of 3 and 3 sets of 5 then adding weight.

    Deads - Ran LP up to 365 and then began adding back off sets instead of volume on another day. Seems to be working well for now.

    Weighted Chins - Really happy with these. Once I was able to complete 3 sets of 15 with bodyweight, I began running LP at 45 pounds weighted. Got up to (80) 4, 3, 2, since then took a break from them and working my way back up. Never thought I could do 5 chins with 80 extra pounds around my waist.

    I don't bother with anything else. If I hit some big goals I might change gears and add some actual programmed cardio. Now i just throw them in when my lifting partner wants to.

    That's about it. I am at PR's for Bench, Deads and Press every session. So this is a fun time.

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    Welcome back. Those are amazing and very unusual bench numbers especially compared with your squat and even with your deadlift numbers. Keep up the good work.

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    Wk 33, 9/21/20, 9:30am, w/o partner

    Squat (195) 5, 5, 5
    Lighter Press (135) 7, 7, 6
    Alternate w/ Scap Push ups 15, 15, 15
    Wtd Chins (60) 5, 5, 5
    Alternate with Active Recovery Treadmill, 2 min, 2 min

    Cardio - Steep treadmill, 10 min, 5% -> 9%, increasing every 2 min.


    Total Time: 57 min.

    Squat- continue to make big jumps until wrist and shoulder are irritated.

    Press - Decided to work in a lighter day with a little more volume. Wore wrist wraps. Alternated these with Scapula Push ups 3x15. Shoulders have been soar lately and wanted to see if this helps, it has in the past.

    Wtd Chins - Kept same number as last session.
    Added Active Recovery of Treadmill, 3.2 mph, 5% incline, 2 min.

    Cardio - The other day I was walking up a slight incline when i was out and about with my family. I was to tired. I have fought adding cardio, but it appears my life needs it. So be it. I am a fan of the steep incline treadmill work. Slower speed and eventually increasing incline over time works well for me. I will eventually add a weight vest when needed.

    Scheduled to hit a bench PR on wednesday but my partner is out today and wednesday so I am going wait until friday. I have 315 slotted but I am considering going to for 320 (330 is my current goal on the horizon). I never do this. I have been regimented in my attempts for a few reasons, 1. I am very confident in my numbers when they are scheduled, 2. I like to make my 5 lbs PR's to allow my connective tissue to be prepared for each jump and keep me from injury, 4. I don't want to stall for a little while longer. I have added an additional set to my bench days, which feels like a lot, but doesn't hardly add time to my workout. BUT, I really want 320 and had a very successful 2.825" Board press at 325 and narrowly missed 335 after that. Idk, I have a few days to think about it. Time to start mentally preparing and visualizing (that might sound silly but it's my process).
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    We 33, 9/21/20. 4pm

    Bonus Bench work.
    Board press.
    115, 185, 225, (315) 1, 1 (295) 2, (135) 20.

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    Wk 33, 9/25/20, 11am, w/ partner

    Warm up - hips, shoulders, back

    Bench 531 Cycle 4C
    135, 185, 255, 275
    (315) 1 PR, (320) 1 PR, (255) 5, (225) 5, 5

    Dead - 135, 185, 225
    (285) 5x5

    Wtd Lunges (25) x5, 1:1 W:R.

    Bench - 315 was scheduled for today, felt good so added 5 more pounds. This marks the end 4 cycles of 531.
    8 Weeks total. Bench increase from 300 to 320.
    Very happy with this increase on (in my mind) such limited volume. First 3 cycles were 1.5 bench sessions per week. M,F, W over 2 weeks. 3 working sets per session, 39 total reps per cycle. Last cycle I added one additional set to each day, 4 working sets per session, 54 total reps for cycle.

    I know I worked my shoulder over pretty hard, time for a little rest and change it up. After a few days off I am going to do a short hypertrophy program, maybe 3 weeks.

    Dead - just some volume work.



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