5/27/22 - Friday

SQ @ 5'
135x3 p
185x1 p
225x1 p

OP @ 5'

PC @ 3'

Music The Beatles, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (which came up right as I started the app and immediately made me think of the brilliant tribute at George Harrison's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction). Top Picks from SiriusXM Liquid Metal's Corridor of Covers, Southern Sludge, 5/19/22 Slayer vs Dr Know, Mr Freeze; Crowbar vs Gary Wright, Dream Weaver; Immortal Suffering vs Acid Bath, Cheap Vodka; Buzzov*en vs E.L.O., Don't Bring Me Down; Weedeater vs Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gimme Back My Bullets.

Notes Coming off of another travel break, seeing family that we haven't seen since "before times." The whole visit we stayed just over a mile away from an actual SS gym and drove past it several times, but never prioritized popping in to have a look around. We returned home and I planned on resuming training yesterday, but popped positive for the dreaded respiratory illness*. So I shifted everything to today, which gave the fever a chance to break overnight, and dropped a set (or two) off of the programmed SQ and OP to deal with it, keeping intensity but cutting volume. I have another planned break coming up that I need to make sure that I am recovered from this crud, so no sense in pushing things too hard while I am still in maintenance mode.
- SQ - Same weight as last time (5/15/22) and had 4x5 programmed, but changed to 2x5 to conserve volume. These two sets went fine, but I could feel that the original 4x5 would not have happened.
- OP - Added +1lb over last time (5/13/22) and had 4x5 programmed, but changed to 3x5 to conserve volume. They went fine, although the lack of frequency meant searching for the groove a bit more than usual.
- PC - No change from last time (5/13/22), as this is my light pull and isn't overly stressful. All finished, although my pull on most was slow, evidenced by the bar bouncing off of my sternum before I had a chance to get under it. Perhaps that as the crud taking toll, as I don't usually have that issue at this weight.

* For those about to ask, this was the first time ever that I've taken a test for the dreaded respiratory illness. But I was running a fever and my bride was about to head into work, where, as a massage therapist, she had a handful of clients schedule that are in their 70's and 80s, and we'd like for her to see them see their 80's and 90's, so a quick home test gave me the info I needed. Then the bride had the same result. We're both fine, just working through the crud and an occasional cough.