Hi im new here and from Germany.

37 years / 116kg / 1,80m

Training since 2009 in my homegym, start was most bullshit, tested many system and i learned constantly...
Serious 2015, 2017 SS and 2019 TM...
Have from birth fucked hipjoints, but i found a way and built me up and have less pains...
This is my little LOG-Log...

5x5 - 213kg
1x5 - 232kg
1x - 251kg

1x5 - 202kg
1x - 232kg

5x5 - 134kg
1x5 - 143kg
1x -162kg

5x5 - 90kg
1x5 - 100kg
1x - 115kg

5x3 - 100kg
1x5 - 110kg
My Problem - i dont have bumperplates at the time
and i have to drop the barbell on my thighs

Squat 5x5 - 213kg
Bench 5x5 - 134kg
Deads 1x5 - 180kg (not so much, because my fucking hipmuscles, i need to find a way.)