Some general stats, I'm a 27 year old 5'7" 178 lb male although I feel like I'm young again. I don't play any sports, although I'd like to compete in lifting: powerlifting, olympic weightlifting etc. I got back into lifting because I recently was in a car wreck on I80 going 70 mph. I've been taking my frustrations out on the weights.

Stats from my nlp
Squat 285x5x3
Deadlift 370x5
Bench 233x5x3
Press 137x5x3
Chins +45

These are my lifts from the last week. I'm running 5/3/1, 4-5 days per week with minimal accessories. I'll be swapping the press week one and two because I misloaded it.

I'm here posting because Jim Wendler's forum is $5/month (no forum is worth that much because most are free) and cash is a little tight after the accident.

In lb
25th Squat 164x5, 185x5, 206x10
26th Press 77x5, 88x5, 107x8
27th off
28th Bench 135x5x2, 162x12
29th Deadlift 194x5, 226x5, 256x10

In kg
25th Squat 75x5, 84x5, 93x10
26th Press 35x5, 40x5, 49x8
27th off
28th Bench 61x5x2, 74x12
29th Deadlift 88x5, 102x5, 116x10