My stats

I'm 27 y.o., male, 5'7, 183 lb. with a 18 inch vertical.

Also I've been working at Walmart for two weeks which I've physically completely adapted to, but it's mainly fixing errors whenever the self checkouts break down every two minutes, the trick is to keenly observe rather than randomly pace.

Also the employer gives me access to milk ($2.56 per gallon) and chicken ($3) that is half off at closing time (it's a 7/11 Walmart not a 24/7 one). Red baron pizza is also super cheap like $5 per 14 inchers. Good for a once a week quick fix.

I'm also trying to get family members to when they cook, cook for more than just themselves, like cooking two boxes of mac n cheese isn't harder than one and leaves the same number of dishes (for me to wash later).

I'm rerunning starting strength (albeit at a much faster rate) in a lead up to an intermediate program, having run a somewhat successful LP in a few months back and not having completely detrained. Although I'll see if going up a weight class or two will make me go past, past stalls.

My all time prs are
Deadlift:370x5 with straps
Bench:233x5x3 (microloading was required), 270
Press:135x5x3, 145
Squat:285x5, 315

Yesterday's workout
Week 1 Day 1
Squat 145x5x3
Bench 155x5x3
Deadlift 155x5