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    Hello All, I havent posted in a while. I've had a crap lifting year (I keep injuring myself T_T).
    Right now I have an issue I cant seem to shake.

    • When I squat to depth I feel a pain on the outer side of my right knee, and/or my outer right glute. Simultaneously my calf feels weird (tight?) at that time.
    • If i dont go to depth its not nearly so bad.

    I assume this is IT band related pain. Twice now I have taken 2 weeks off of leg work and replaced it with rolling my hips and dont glute band work.
    When I go back to squatting light (135lb for ~50 reps like in Starr technique) the pain comes back.

    So my main questions are:
    1. Should I take more than 2 weeks off? 2 weeks was a random number I chose.
    2. Is there any leg work that would avoid glute/IT-band provocation? I thought maybe DLs would be good because they aren't deep but they definitely use the glutes :|. I just would be sad to take another 2 weeks off and get nowhere by choosing the wrong exercise to come back to.

    Anything else is much appreciated. I'm on a quest to improve my mobility right now because I assume thats why I keep getting hurt.

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    What injuries?

    Let's see your squat.


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