Questions regarding bicep pain during the Squat Questions regarding bicep pain during the Squat

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Thread: Questions regarding bicep pain during the Squat

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    Default Questions regarding bicep pain during the Squat

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    I can see my previous topic was closed (, which is why I'm starting a new one.

    Basically, I have been having bicep pain during the Squat. Was told to narrow the grip and keep the elbows down. I have now tried narrowing my grip as much as possible and have also been pointing my elbows down for the last month or so. My biceps still hurts sometimes, but I think it has improved a little bit. Thereís still some things Iím not quite sure on, so I got some new questions, and it would be very helpsome if you could answer them:

    1. Because my grip is so tight now, my elbows hurt a bit when doing the Squat. After racking the bar and have done 5 reps, I have to pull myself slowly out from under the bar as it feels like my elbows are locked or some weird thing. It hurts a bit, but the pain disappears some minutes after. I warmup using 3x15 Shoulder Dislocators. Should I worry about this?
    2. How much should I lower the elbows? I usually point them straight down at the floor, but this make the shelf feel very unstable. Is it fine to point them down only so much as the angle of the upper back?
    3. When standing with the bar, are you supposed to stand up straight or lean forward a little bit? When I unrack the bar Iím leaning forward a bit, but then when I lift my chest I automatically stand up straight. This makes it feel like the bar is falling down and doesnít have much to rest on. So maybe I should just lift my chest while keeping the forward lean?

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    Hey Mattias

    A more recent video would be helpful.


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