Bruised elbows from lifting? Bruised elbows from lifting?

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Thread: Bruised elbows from lifting?

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    Default Bruised elbows from lifting?

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    Im not experiencing any pain outside of gym but pressing is sometimes hard and i feel some twitching like my forearm is cramping but the cramp feels in my littlefinger.
    Its not painful but rather a uneasy feeling i have in my elbows.
    I do suffer from bicep and tricep tendonitis from time to time but as i start doing some rehab it goes away pretty quickly.
    I have bruises in both of my elbows surrounding the very tip of the elbow.

    Doctor said stop lifting and i said no.

    Thank you for your time and let me know if i need to clarify something.
    Maybe some of you has some experience with this and to be honest i dont know who else to ask. Thanks.

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    Sorry, Socalled, but your description is too vague to be helpful.

    It is unclear how bruises at your elbow could have anything to do with lifting - none of the fundamental lifts or useful assistance exercises we discuss put any pressure in that area. How would a bruise there be related to lifting?


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