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    I recently heard your podcast with mike matthews on healing golfers elbow and have found 1-2 threads on this forum also regarding this issue. I have a moderate case of golfers elbow that has been nagging me for about 4 months now and i would like to try your protocol. I just have a few quick questions and would love your feeback.

    1. Your chins protocol that i found says to do it once every 5 days. Do you have any clients try to decrease the rest period to 3 days or so and has it still worked for them?

    2. I would like to continue training the other movements (deadlift, bench, ohp, squat, etc) along with the chins protocol. From your experience seeing others do this, do you think this will be counterproductive? If not, when would you recommend fitting in the the end of my usual workout or during rest days?

    thanks for your time


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    I did it twice a week, Monday & Friday, something like that. Did it after everything else and found it to work just fine. Ran it for 5 or so weeks and then just stopped. Pain was gone after about a few more days of recovery.

    It was fucking gruelling. Turn you into a manly man's man for sure. Can't imagine having to do something similar for a shoulder or hamstring tear or something. That's probably a whole other level of gruesome work. Good luck.

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    thans for your feedback. appreciate the help!


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