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Thread: Tricep Tendonitis restricting Press

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    I have been training on the novice program for 5 weeks now with great results and linear progression as expected for all 4 lifts (Squat 105 --> 195 / DL 115 --> 245 / BP 85 --> 125 / SP 65 --> 90 / BW 136 --> 147 [I'm 5'6]).
    I was doing Crossfit for 6 months before I discovered SS and decided to quit Crossfit and switch to strength training after reading BBT. Very thankful for this decision!
    However, while doing Crossfit, I picked up nasty tricep tendonitis in my right arm (mainly from bad technique and overuse on the "skiErg"), resulting in terrible elbow pain. Back in December, I was unable to do a single push-up or pull-up or press even 10 lb dumbbell overhead without intense pain in right elbow.
    Thanks to good physio and rehab, the tricep tendonitis has significantly improved, and though not entirely pain free, was not limiting my LP until last week.

    On the SSNP, everything seemed to be going fine, but as the weights on the press started to increase (above 85 lbs), my right elbow hurts and the tricep is limiting my ability to press (I barely finished my worksets at 90 lbs and failed last set at the next increase).
    It doesn't bother me when I bench, only on the press, and is probably the main limiting factor on pressing higher. The physio says that I shouldn't increase weight any further on shoulder press or I will aggravate the injury and make it worse again.

    Not sure what to do. And don't know how long this wretched tendonitis will take to go away completely (its been almost 6 months now). I want to continue on LPI'm wondering if I should just continue and train through the pain or should I continue with LP on other lifts and quit shoulder press for time-being? If I have to stop LP on the press is there any other way for me to continue increasing shoulder strength apart from the press?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    First, read this: The First Three Questions | Mark Rippetoe

    Then remember that you developed the tendonitis as an overuse injury, and that sets of 5 do not constitute overuse. Tendonitis must be trained through -- it does not heal with rest. Figure out a way to train through it.


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