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    Male, 5'11" 230lbs, 34 years old, 320 3X5 squat, 150 3X5 press, 355 1X5 DL, 215 3X5 bench, 140 5X3 Clean. Still on LP.

    Have been dealing with golfers elbow for the last few weeks and have been hitting as many chins as I possibly can to remedy it. The golfers elbow is aggravated and miserably painful for the bench, which is why my bench sucks right now, but does not hurt during ANY of my other lifts.

    Any thoughts on additional movements I can do instead of bench until I kick this injury?

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    I had the same issue during LP at around 300 squat. The culprit was a shitty squat grip. Get it fixed. Just warm up the bench and do 3x5 with a weight you can handle. Expect it to stagnate while you have the pain, so you don't get dissapointed about lack of progress. It will dissapear very suddenly once you've fixed your squat grip. That's why I recommend to continue warming up on the bench every other workout, so you can find out.

    If you really want to do other shit:
    Push-Ups could be useful at that bodyweight. If you can't dip, check for a dip assist machine in the gym.

    OR unfuck your squat grip instead of doing 'additional movements'. It's time better spent.


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