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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to post this and sort of establish myself and my situation because I'll certainly have many questions and form checks to come soon. I'm a male and almost 18 years old and I ran an LP when I was about 16 before I tore my ACL playing football this past year and, after having it reconstructed via a patellar tendon graft, tore it again playing lacrosse about 5 months post op. I had a second surgery in April and got a quad graft taken from the same knee (the right) and I'll be in physical therapy until probably the end of this year or later.

    I've been in contact with Dr. Petrizzo about all of this and I was hoping to begin training as soon as possible but unfortunately my parents are so scared that I'll hurt myself again that they won't allow me to do anything until my therapist approves it, which will be months. Rip has answered a couple of my questions on the podcast about it but for now I'm stuck in a holding pattern and just doing some upper body lifts until I can begin squatting and deadlifting, at which point I'll essentially start from scratch with a new LP and try to put some weight and muscle back on.

    Anyway, that's where I am as of now. I've been on the forum for a couple of years but I plan to start posting some and reading a lot (planning to be a coach eventually). I'll put more updates on this thread as I progress.

    BW: 155lbs :/ (down from 175 before the operations)

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    I don't see a question here.


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