How do i fix my shoulder injury? How do i fix my shoulder injury?

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Thread: How do i fix my shoulder injury?

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    Default How do i fix my shoulder injury?

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    Well, yesterday there was a party at school with some games like mechanical bulls and stufm I got into one of those. The details aren't so important, but i tried to jump over something and the floor was too unstable to stand up (trick of the game) so i jumped and while i jumped i overextended my right shoulder, like if i was a doing a press but inclining the shoulder backwards. At first i didn't notice anything relevant, my cardiovascular system was killing me first, due to the game. Until a few hours later i noticed that most of my arm movements caused me pain. Surely, it's something about the ligaments or maybe rotator cuff- related. Bench press-alike movements don't hurt me but press definitely do (quite obvious, ain't it?) I'll take to desinflamatory pills and put some ice, because it seems to be the only way to treat ligament-related injuries. Should i worry? Will this affect my press inmediatly , because i expect so. In the meantime should i bench evey workout until pain goes away? Will squats cause me pain? In my experience i had some injuries like these, but they all healed after a couple of days thanks to being young. Resting and letting it heal is the expected answer to my problems, but i read about different kinds of injuries related to something exactly like this and some of them sounded bad, and i couldn't diagnose which one of those i had, so i thought you guys could help.

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    The shoulder is a big place. You need a diagnosis from someone qualified to assess a shoulder.


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