The week before last my shoulder hurt while bench pressing on Wednesday . The pain was there during my warmup and continued throughout the workset. I think it actually felt slightly better at working weight. The pain is on the front of my shoulder, Where my fingers are on the attached image. There was no acute injury that I can identify. I benched again the following Monday (last week). I hit my weights but had the same pain. It's only when benching or doing pushups. Presses don't bother it, and it doesn't really bother me throughout the day. I also happened to strain my neck last Monday, so I took some ibuprofen and didn't lift on Wednesday or Friday. My neck is better and with a week off, I was hoping my shoulder would feel better. While warming up I tried to do some pushups and had the same issue. Today was press day so I didn't try to bench, but if a single pushup hurt I'm sure I'll have the same issue Wednesday. It doesn't hurt so bad that I can't push through it, but I don't want to hurt myself further. I'm not even sure what's wrong. Time to see a doctor? Take a longer break from benching? Maybe a potential form issue I need to look into?