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Thread: Lower back pain/weakest deadlifter of all time

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    I have been lifting for close to a year now, and I have had lower back pain after squatting and deadlift for almost the entire year. This has caused issues with my squat and deadlift frequency, slowing my progress down at times. I've also spent weeks just adjusting my deadlift form instead of trying to progress. It always causes me issues, and I've never been able to get strong at it. The position just feels incredibly weak for me. I ran Starting Strength for 3 months, got to 215 3x5 pause bench and 130x5 press, with my deadlift still in the low 200s. I wanted more volume to drive my deadlift, switched to candito LP, and still struggled to get stronger at the deadlift. I can pause bench 290 now and my deadlift is probably not much stronger than my bench. I gave up on training squats and deadlifts months ago. I did mobility work, and I can do a full overhead squat. I tried to pick the lifts back up again and start off light, working on my form. Didn't work. Everything I do aggravates my back, and resting doesn't help much either. The most I've ever squatted is 295 3x6, and I've deadlifted 290 1x6. My squat would increase fine, but my frequency wasn't always the best because of my back. I always had to grind like hell and force another 5 lbs out of my deadlift though. It doesn't even feel like I can extend my back at the bottom of the deadlift. The lift just feels awful. I understand how to hip hinge, but it doesn't help. I'm still weak and it still hurts my back. I've gained maybe 35 lbs, sitting somewhere in the 190s (200 gym weight) at 5'10. I really don't get it. Skinny guys walk into the gym without ever touching weights and deadlift more than me. I gain muscle everywhere but I just struggle with that lift. I don't even think my core is weak... I'm probably 18-20% bodyfat with a decent amount of stomach fat and my abs just pop through. I look like I have enough muscle to rep 405. My arms are 17 inches with veins popping through while I'm bulking, but I have the weakest back of all time. I have scoliosis, but it is not severe, and plenty of people with worse cases don't have these issues. I have no insurance, can't afford an MRI, and just want to be able to lift normally and not bench more than i squat and deadlift. I hang from a bar, do hyperextensions and it is still fucked. It used to just get irritated after squats and deadlifts, but now most exercises fuck with it. Sleeping on my sides does too. I wake up stiff and sore if I roll over at all. I see guys like Alan Thrall hurt their backs, keep lifting with light weight and then hit 500 lbs and shit within 2 weeks. Makes absolutely no sense to me. My condition worsens with even 1 plate deadlifts or squats. I have never seen anybody with issues like this. I must have the absolute worst genetics of all time for these lifts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worstdeadlifter View Post
    I must have the absolute worst genetics of all time for these lifts.
    Improbable. Where are your squat and deadlift videos?


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