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Thread: How to train with golfers elbow

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    Hi all,
    I have golfers elbow in both elbows (slight pain in left, mid/strong in right) but I am working on recovery (big volume of chinups every fourth day as instructed by rip).
    I want to know what exercises I can do in gym while recoverying from it?
    Currently I do Leg press and back extensions (with weight) because that way I don't provoke pain in elbows.

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    I suggest you look at your squat technique as it's the most likely cause of GE. If you need to, deload a bit and get it sorted out rather than avoid squatting all together-your elbows will thank you for it. From my own experience the problem is not letting the arms out of tension once the bar is on the traps and then racking the elbows up coming out of the hole. It took me the best part of 18 months to figure out what I was doing wrong and I'm still making tiny corrections as I go along.

    Get the hands on top of the bar and get them as close together as possible. Make sure the bar is resting completely on the traps, straight wrists with the back properly tight. Stand up, push the chest out and the weight should disappear from the arms and they can be relaxed- if it doesn't, then somethings wrong, either the bar isn't on the traps, or the back isn't sufficiently tight and you will need to move the hands closer together- yes it hurts, but it's soon over in less than a minute.


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