Iím looking for some advice on what I should be doing. Iíve managed to get my press to 70kg, but I've tweaked something in my neck a few weeks ago. I continued pressing, but dropped the weight back to 60kg. From looking at the anatomy chart, it is the Levator Scapulae muscle that was tweaked.
Iíve seen a Chiropractor and he has said that I have stretched it at the top of the muscle and it will need about 4 sessions to fix over a 4 week period. He has told me to stop pressing, but Iím now thinking that it is just going to heal anyway from not working it.
Theres a few options I have and just wanted to check what I should do.
1. Stop pressing and just wait for it to heal.
2. Continue pressing, but keep it at a lower weight and just work on technique.
3. Use a viking press machine to keep my neck/shoulders more stable.
If I should just completely rest it, will the Chiropractor be of any benefit or is it going to heal in the same way without him?