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Thread: Inflexible hamstrings due to herniated disk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delaying_the_inevitable View Post
    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I always appreciate when someone takes to the time to provide not only useful advice but does so in a polite and professional manner. I would rather be told that I am wrong by someone who knows more than I do, than to continue to think I am right when I may not be.

    I never realized that I had a serious neck injury until long after it happened. My guess is that it happened when I was a linebacker. At various times, something would cause intense pain for several days and the pain would go away. The only time I had a massage, I was incapacitated for several days. I was only of those people who only went to see a doctor for flu shots and a physical every few years. Since my neck never hurt when I went for a physical, the issues with my neck went undiagnosed for a very long time.

    After a discussion with a family member, who is an orthopedic surgeon, I went to see a local provider. He recommended an MRI and referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist recommended never lifting weights over my head and I decided to quit squatting. The injury is high enough on the cervical spine that I later found that I could low bar squat and I can overhead press as long as I don't perform some contorted move trying to get one more rep. Obviously, I need to be very careful with this and a visit to a neurologist is now an annual event, like flu shots and a physical.

    You are clearly quite thorough with your screening of new clients and IIRC you are also quite strong I am quite thorough with my patients but the second half of this statement is not correct. I certainly train often, but there are far more people who are stronger than I than people I surpass in strength.. If I ever need PT again, I hope I can find someone as capable.Finding a Physical Therapist who graduated from Baylor University and spent time as a military PT is a good screening test for a solid, competent PT. The military health system allows PTs to act as physician-extenders, so military PTs have to be competent enough to order radiology, labs, medications, etc. This increased practice privileges forces the PTs to take on more responsibility from a patient care standpoint and you are forced to become very good at knowing what is, and what is not, something you should be treating.
    Do the terms "transverse ligament" or "alar ligament" sound familiar to you?

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    One last point. The physical therapist that my daughter saw in college was more significantly more expensive than the orthopedists or neurologists that treated me. Also, the therapist was out-of-network and the physicians were in-network. Obviously, the PT lasts longer than the specialist visits, so the physician still charged more per hour. I am sure that there were other nearby therapists that were less highly recommended but still excellent, but as a parent of a D1 athlete who was trying to finish a career without surgery we went with the recommendations of other athletes.

    I found that a single visit to a specialist was relatively cost effective and a follow-up call with someone that could tell me what to do own my own worked quite well. Others will have a different cost comparison and need more assistance with after injury care than I did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Will Morris View Post
    Do the terms "transverse ligament" or "alar ligament" sound familiar to you?
    Yes. Neck injury was C2-C3, so if my extremely limited understanding of anatomy is correct, those ligaments are in the same area. I was in an accident that resulted in a lumbar compression fracture and probably caused the cervical spine issue become more acute. Except for the neck issue, I might made it through college with no injuries. Same with my older and more athletic sibling who made it to roughly 40 before even a minor injury.

    Thank you for the suggestions on selecting a physical therapist.

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    Ok then. From tomorrow on he'll do rack pulls with slowly increasing rom. Thanks, both of you. He's definitely excited to lift some actual weight.

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