I started doing Starting Strength in August of last year, I was able to train for 2 months before a guy tackled my knee while playing soccer and ended up tearing my right ACL and a little bit of my lateral meniscus. I had ACL reconstruction surgery on December 10th last year and the surgeon used a Hamstring graft to replace the torn ACL and removed the little bit of torn meniscus . I did some Physical Therapy for around 2-3 months but then stopped doing anything. It was a really tough thing for me to go through and my mental state just wasn't good enough to continue PT or to start strength training again. Fast forward to the beginning of September I was feeling much better mentally and went back to PT and started Strength training again from scratch. I have been training consistently ever since, started from the empty bar and am now stronger then I have ever been. My knee is pretty much fully recovered. My leg muscles however are still imbalanced. My right Quad and (especially) my right Hamstring are still weaker and smaller than my left. My questions are:
1) Let's say I am able to perform my squat 3 sets of 5 with perfect symmetrical form with a certain weight but there is still a difference in size , Should I try to add 5 more pounds or should I stick with the same weight until the difference in size catches up too? (Basically should I continue to progress if strength caught up or should I wait for size to catch up too)

2) Should any modifications be made to the program when dealing with muscle imbalances?

If you have any more tips or advice on what I should do from here on It will be appreciated

I am a 5'9 19 year old male , no other injuries besides this one, and I weigh 127 lbs( Yes I know I have to eat Im working on it)
My Current lift numbers are:
Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bench Press (3x5 195lbs,1x5 225lbs,3x5 88lbs, 3x5 121lbs)