3 years ago I had my right knee replaced. Rehab was mostly me doing squats, deadlifts, press, and a lot of bike riding. Went well and was skiing 5 months later. Then I got a yellow lab puppy. Still did all the lifts but stopped riding the bike. Took the puppy on a lot of walks--which I found out was the wrong thing to do because walking does not help your range of motion. I lost my range of motion in my new knee. I struggle to get 90 degrees of motion--should be about 130. I got a lot of scar tissue build up for some reason 2 years after the surgery. The surgeon is going to clean out the scar tissue so I can start over again. I'm thinking my squat didn't go as deep as I thought I was going. I work out at home so I didn't have anybody to check my form. So, this time I want to do it right. The doctor has me signed up for their physical therapy which is a mixed blessing at best. I'm getting a partial knee replacement on my left side this time in addition to the clean up on my right knee. I'm 69 years young and have been doing SS novice program off and on for the last 10 years or so. Life gets in the way and then you start over again. How should I approach this? The last time their PT left a lot to be desired at best. I really want to get some spring skiing in at Mammoth Mtn this year as they have a very long season.