Fell and hurt shoulder--hurts to squat Fell and hurt shoulder--hurts to squat

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Thread: Fell and hurt shoulder--hurts to squat

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    Default Fell and hurt shoulder--hurts to squat

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    About three weeks ago, I slipped on the stair and injured my shoulder. Not sure what got injured, but it hurts if I abduct and both internally/externally rotate. Also some issues with just forward flexion. Not looking for a diagnosis...
    But it hurts like heck to low-bar back squat. The weight of the bar hurts and the shoulder position hurts. Tried putting my hands out wide on the bar--still hurts. Deadlift is okay. Some pain with overhead press, especially at the top, but took the weight way back so can manage.
    We have a safety bar. Is this a good option while I figure out what the heck is wrong with shoulder? How do I adjust the weight? I've never really used it and tried it out and...it seemed kind of like a front squat. I didn't really like it much.


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    I think a Safety Squat Bar is a reasonable modification to make in this case. Id keep trying to reintroduce normal squats, but use the SSB to maintain your current training.

    Have you had radiographs / xrays taken?

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    Will what do you think of the hip belt squat type apparatus? Looks like a possible option for wrist, elbow, and shoulder injury sufferers. Not sure how available they are where the OP trains.


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