Extreme erector spinae stiffness/sharp pain after every workout Extreme erector spinae stiffness/sharp pain after every workout

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Thread: Extreme erector spinae stiffness/sharp pain after every workout

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    Default Extreme erector spinae stiffness/sharp pain after every workout

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    I've been on the program for almost 4 months, for the past 2 months I've been having gradually and slightly worse stiffness and sharp pain on my mid-back, I'm having a guess at the erector spinae, currently I'm a bit afraid it's the spine itself but doubt it.

    the sharp pain is caused by the following scenarios: twisting my back left/right, curling my upper back, hyperflexing and straightening my upper back, also filling my lungs with air gives sharp pain in my back, basically moving in general is uncomfortable and it lasts about 24-48 hours after a workout. the pain is mainly caused by both squats and deadlifts and training with heavy weight in general.

    I couldn't find anything helpful online regarding this, and I've searched pretty thoroughly, I'm having trouble figuring out whether it's DOMS or something more medically serious. as for form, both my deadlift and my squat form have been checked countless times and don't think that is the problem. I would really like to have some of you guys input on the manner.

    Thanks in advance.

    Attaching a video of my latest squat:
    200lbs/90kg Squat @ 200lbs/90kg BW

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    You are pretty soft in your back during your squat. There is a noticeable flexion of your thoracic spine on the way down, and you let your lumbar spine round at the bottom. Generally speaking, this is not dangerous, per se, but each of your reps looks different than the others. When you have so much inconsistency with your technique, you never really adapt to the exercise you are performing, as you are performing 1 rep of 5 different exercises instead of 5 reps of 1 exercise.


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