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    Hi everybody,
    I recently got back on LP after a few months wasting my time on some bodybuilding bs (still kept the 3 basic movementís), and on my last few squat workout sessions I started feeling pain that got worse and worse with every session.

    The pain itself doesnít happen when i do the actual movement but when I walk the bar it of the rack.
    The pain is in the medial glute area.

    the pain is occurring when move weight on and off from my left foot, meaning when I stand on both feetís/ on of the other I donít feel pain, but only when shifting the weight from on leg to another.

    On Friday I tried stretching the area and roll on it a bit with a tennis ball that got it only worse and gave me pain for the entire day.
    on Saturday I tried to squat and to notice when does the pain occur, I went up to 100kg with no pain, on 110 felt it just a tiny bit and on 120 it became a deep sharp pain, again only when walking out.

    I also felt some low back pain when unracking the bar that disappeared immediately after standing up even before walking back
    I had this pain right when I got back on LP but It faded then disappeared with every session.

    If anyone also had a similar issue and managed to get through it, would really appreciate if you could share what you did to get through it.

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    Probably worth a trip to the local chiropractor.

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    I found a recent thread that seem to be similar to my pain, Iíve found out that some isometrics holds relieve the pain just for a few minutes for me to unrack, do the set and rack it back again without pain.
    I also narrowed a bit my stance that Iíve noticed was too wide.

    I since then managed to squat 130KG Pain free, just some soreness between sets that I got rid of doing the abduction holds.

    Will update if anything changes as I get back to weights I was at.


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