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Thread: Alternate to LTE for sore shoulder

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    I'd probably alternate the regular bench press you are doing with the CGBP (closer grip bench press). Dips are notorious for pissing shoulders and elbows off. If you must add some additional tricep work, cable pushdowns or banded triceps extensions will be better than a better exercise that pisses your shoulder off.

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    The dips didn't do any lasting damage, as I went to the climbing gym with my daughter the next day and didn't experience any issues. I decided to try LTEs again in my workout yesterday. Instead of doing 3 sets of 8-10, I did 4 sets of 6, at a slightly lower weight compared to last time. This was right after 6 sets of 3 bench using a weight 2.5 lbs heavier than last bench workout (so, 215, as previous workout was at 212.5, incorrectly put down as 215 in my previous post). Today I'm feeling fine, or at least no worse, as there still is some residual pain, so I'll keep that up for now.

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