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Thread: Hip joint pain after squat

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    So, i started doing SS program couple of weeks ago, and everything was good, untill i started doing squats with 55kg heavy load, and deadlift with 70kg. I'm by myself is 58kg and 178sm high, 22 y.o. (I'm pretty skinny to be honest).
    So after that one training i got sharp pain in my hip joints which lasted for couple of days untill i tried to do squat again just with barbell without any load, so the pain come back again.
    I got diagnosed with shorter left foot long time ago(the difference is about 2,5sm). It actually become more noticable after i started the program, but still everything was good with smaller load. Now I'm probably won't be able to squat with 30-40kg since the pain is so bad, it almost feels like something is going to break inside.
    Yesterday i tried to do one foot deadlifts, which was actually not painfull at all, while putting 1,25kg weight under my left foot, so it could compensate my hips location and even them.
    Can anybody suggest me something i can do with that? Should i wait and heal, and try to do squats with something under my foot, or should i quit doing normal squats and deadlifts at all?
    And if so, which exercises i should use instead of them?

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    The first thing to do is post a video of your squat. The second thing to do is hire a coach. Before those, trust in the fact that nothing is breaking inside your hip. You have orders of magnitude more force going through your hip when you get out of bed in the morning than when you squat.


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