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    During a trip to the ER on Monday (long story but Iím fine), I received an I.V. in my right arm which appears to have damaged my lateral antibrachial cutaneous nerve. My doctor told me to come back in to get checked out, but it looks like all they would do is stuff Iím not interested in. I donít need pain killers, a nerve block, or hand therapy. But at the same time, I canít contract my bicep without pain shooting down my forearm. Canít pick up my kids, my dog, nothing more than about 5 lbs. Iím also going in and out of numbness.

    Iím curious if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any advice. My plan right now is to just go back to the basics for a while. Squat. Press. Deadlift. Avoid bicep work for a while. Let it heal with time. But goddamn itís frustrating.

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    Itís a cutaneous nerve. Thereís really no danger to training. The pain certainly sucks, but there is no safety consideration here. You might feel better with a compression sleeve on the elbows.


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