Hi, I consider myself an advanced trainee, I can squat 550 but I've pulled my hip adductor on the left side then later on the right side. I shimmed my shoe to fix a leg length discrepancy so I guess I just shifted the stress from one adductor to the other. There is no tearing just a weird pulling sensation mild pain and then my adductor swells to size of a summer sausage for a day or two. Its new to me and i need advice making training decisions.
I can front squat as much as i want, I did a triple at 365 with no pain. so should i push my front squat or do low bar with 225lbs and do the full starr rehab protocol.
I don't have any tears or blood so how hard should i push myself, i want to get some PR's this coming November.
Thank you for your time- colin