Weird chest/shoulder pain Weird chest/shoulder pain

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Thread: Weird chest/shoulder pain

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    Default Weird chest/shoulder pain

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    I recently (last 3-4 days) started developing pain right side of my chest and beneath my scapula. It doesnít seem to be the pec muscle proper, it feels much deeper (almost like underneath within my ribs/shoulder).

    For example: Pressing out doesnít aggravate it that much, itís almost more when I do little movements like retracting my scapula and leaning my shoulders forward to get up out of a chair.

    It didnít seem to effect my training time day. Still increased the weight on my deadlift today and Mondayís chin-ups didnít seem too bad.

    Itís mostly odd, sort of smaller movements like coughs, or reaching and opening a sliding glass door, throughout the day that cause these pains in what feels like deep in the middle of body in between my chest and shoulder.

    My question:
    - What could cause this pain?
    - What are some things I can do to help it?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Hey Raddi711,

    This first answer is going to sound kind of odd but pain doesn't have ONE specific cause. There are always a bunch of contributing factors that create your experience. Things like a bad nights sleep, doing something new or something you have not done in awhile with your shoulder (lifting boxes, painting your house, etc.), your training program and technique, your stress levels at home and work, and your history with painful experiences all combine to create your experience and none of them are the one specific "cause."

    The best thing you can do to hep your shoulder is to keep using it (in both training and life). Don't test your limits or attempt to cause an exacerbation but don't avoid things like opening a door or pressing yourself up out of a chair in everyday life. If it doesn't bother you when you train just keep training as normal. If it starts to bother you when you train make adjustments to load, volume and/or frequency if you need to.

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    Makes sense. Thank you so much.


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