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Thread: follow up to pec tear question

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    Default follow up to pec tear question

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    Hello again. I submitted a question about a pec tear a few hours ago. If it is bad form to submit a second question prior to approval of the first, I apologize.

    Since I submitted my first question, I have run across more threads from Will Morris about how he rehabs tears, which is different from the Starr protocol. This is interesting to me. The main difference, from my read, appears to be the use of heavier weights and fewer reps. My specific questions are: 1) is the a daily routine, like the Starr protocol, and 2) by roughly how much and how often do you increase the weight?

    Thanks again.

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    Hey altercon,

    Will is out of town at the moment and I'm not familiar enough with that method to comment. He will probably be back on the forums in a week or two and be able to offer you some more guidance if you want to try that method.


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