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    Hello Again Rip,

    I posted a question several months ago about the Valsalva and how it might affect my dad's bicuspid aortic valve. Today, my dad had his chest cracked open and had the aortic heart valve replaced with cow tissue. I believe I remember you saying somewhere that you've trained clients who've had open heart surgery. Have you dealt any with aortic valve replacement? I've listened to the podcast on cardiac rehab and enjoyed it (will listen to it again soon - probably tomorrow). I'm in the SSCPC and have been training him on and off for a while now, but I'm not real sure how to proceed from here. He's a pretty fit/active 64yo. Any recommendations?



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    I'm sorry Pater but I don't have a good suggestion for you here. I have not worked with patients/clients who have had their aortic valve replaced. The aortic valve is going to "see" the high pressures generated by the left ventricle as you lift and there is no way around this. As general suggestions I would keep getting the valve checked to see how it's doing and progress workloads extra slowly and cautiously. Hopefully the board will chime in with experience either coaching people or lifting after an aortic valve replacement.


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