Hi everyone,

First, I want to thank Rip and Stef for allowing me to help answer questions on this forum. Since I've been helping out here more recently, I thought I would post a sticky with some basic information in case anyone wanted to contact me for rehab coaching.

So for a bit of my background, I started coaching people how to lift barbells back in 2009, earned my SSC in 2012, and have been staffing Starting Strength Seminars and Training Camps since 2013. I've worked with children younger than 10, seniors older than 80, and everything in-between. I'm also a mentor for aspiring coaches in the Starting Strength Coach Prep Course The Aasgaard Company.

For my educational history, I received a B.S. in Exercise Science in 2011 and graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May of 2019. I maintain my Physical Therapy license in Nevada.

My goal here is to use my experience as a Coach and Physical Therapist, to provide general advice and guidance for members of the community dealing with pain and injuries. My goal is not to give very specific individualized advice. This type of thing is reserved for consultations and online rehab coaching. If you have been dealing with a persistent problem investing in one of the above may be your next step.

If you would like to learn more about me, you can check out my website Emerge Stronger, or you can take a look at my Online Coaching listing here: Nick D'Agostino DPT, SSC

If you would like to schedule a session with me or are interested in a consult or online coaching, you can also contact me directly at nick@emergestronger.com.

Lastly, for rules regarding the forum, please refer here: Forum Introduction and Forum Rules