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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick D'Agostino View Post
    Don't worry about the two weeks. Sometimes it takes 1 week, other times 6 weeks. Making jumps that are too big is what causes these things to take longer because of the risk of reinjuring yourself increases. I wouldn't take more than a 10 kilo jump from session to session. Also start at 15 reps, not 25. Ramp the weight up if you can on the first day. If you need more precise advice than this it's getting closer to consult territory.
    Roger. I understand. Sorry to have asked so many questions. I appreciate the responses youíve given and the time you took to help. If I need anymore help with this, Iíll contact you through your website to arrange something with you. Again, thank you.

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    No problem and good luck! My contact information is in a sticky at the top of this forum if you need it in the future.

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