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    Weights have been going up and everything moving along. Currently on Week 18, 2nd session, and the only thing bothering me is my left tricep down towards the elbow. Ive been trying different grips and widths to figure it out and haven't had any luck. Should i take a couple weeks to deload to let it rest a bit and try to fix the issue? Tonight i did 321x5x3 and my tricep was pissed off afterwards and has been all night. Feel like its gradually getting worse. Please help. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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    The most helpful idea in managing squat grip pain is to make sure that as you are squatting, you are feeling the weight of the bar on your back and not in your arms. Also, there is a variety of videos that clarify precisely where to place the bar and how to take the squat grip. I would watch a bunch of them, make any of the changes you deem necessary, and then as you are squatting, prioritize thinking about the "feeling the weight on your back" idea. During this process, reduce your squatting frequency to 2x/week.


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