Shoulder pain? Try sleeping around! Shoulder pain? Try sleeping around!

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Thread: Shoulder pain? Try sleeping around!

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    Hurt my left shoulder recently, tying the onslaught of pain to my aggressive drive to a 300 lb bench press. I had moved to our lake house because my wife had high anxiety around Covid 19. Decided the pain was a typical shoulder injury we know how to cure around here, so I did my homework and started following guidelines.

    It still hurt, and a month later it wasn't getting better. In fact, now my right shoulder started hurting too! Couldn't sleep more than maybe 90 minutes at a time. I'd wake up in pain and have to drag my left arm across my body to turn over. Tired and miserable all day. Really hard to work. MD reccommended a shot of cortisol, which I refused.

    Started to believe I had bone spurs so I made an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon. Due to Covid, the appointment was 45 days out, so I got to suffer like someone under socialized medicine.

    Then I had an inspiration. I started "sleeping around"! In my single days that always seemed to solve things. But now in my old age, sleeping around had a different meaning, and it really did solve things. I went to the second bedroom and slept in a different bed. Had a better night sleep, less pain. Went home for a night and slept there, again had a better night! I think you get the picture... I was working out aggressively and sleeping on a hard old crappy mattress!

    Got a new, much softer one. Not that the pain vanished, but it's back to being commensurate with my program. Correlation is not causation. I erred by staying in the lane of thinking it was a lifting issue which could be solved with a lifting solution.

    So I recommend you add "sleeping around" to the list of remedies like ibuprophen, pin-firing, lacrosse balls, and surgery when your shoulder starts aching. You might just wake up pain free!

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    Thanks for this post! I can't tell you how many people peoples aches and pains I've seen completely resolve after finding a way to get another an extra hour or just higher quality sleep at night. For many, it is the single best intervention that they can do.


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